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June 10, 2015

Priyanka Chopra’s Power Moments

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographed by Abheet Gidwani

As our Power Issue 2015 hits stands, here’s a sneak peek of our interview with Priyanka Chopra…

Excerpt from the cover story with Priyanka Chopra for Verve‘s Power Issue 2015:

“If you look confident, people will believe you are.”
Till I was about 13-14, I was very quiet and reticent; I stayed away from people. I was really skinny and gawky. But by the time I hit 15-16, I learned that if you look confident, people will believe you are.

I was, and still am, quite a firebrand. I am like a soda pop bottle — I get really angry, really fast. And, my anger swiftly melts away once I deal with the issue. I have had fights in school. I have beaten up girls and boys and they have beaten me up too. I was quite the wild child.

“Power hides in plain sight.”
You are powerful, if you don’t have to state that you are so. Power hides in plain sight; it is not loud. It doesn’t ask for anything. It just stays — it’s like the elephant in a room which can be seen and felt.

Success has a lot to do with being powerful. But, if you have to brag about your success, you are not powerful. When your work speaks for itself — rather than you speaking about your work — that is true power.

“I am continuously exploring who I am.”
I still don’t know who I am. For, I think, the day you know who you are, you are going to just stop living. As you age, you understand the things that you like to do. Ageing or growing up is about evolution. You keep on changing and so it is difficult to keep track of what you are. I am continuously exploring who I am. But I feel like I have regressed in the last few years. I behave extremely childlike these days.

Somewhere I realised that this was the vocation I was destined to be in. I work really hard at my job. I am good at it. And I feel maybe that is the reason why I am chosen to do what I do. There are very few of us who get to be in this incredibly amazing position. But, there is a price that you pay for the perks.

“I am a control freak.”
I am very agile. I am tough. I have a huge threshold of pain, physically. I can push my body to crazy limits; I can work ridiculous hours, not sleep for days and still be fine and function. My friends say I am mentally strong, but I feel I am a weakling. I am super emotional. I hit rock-bottom very soon and fast. Maybe that is the reason why I do so many things and I am successful because as soon as you hit rock-bottom, there is nowhere lower you can go.

People do not affect me — they do not have the power to hurt me. I have a few people in my inner circle and they matter to me. The rest don’t matter. The world can come crashing down and I will pick up 25 people and run like a superhuman; but it’s the little things that destroy me.

To read the whole interview grab the June issue of Verve. Or buy it online here.

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