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November 28, 2016

Meet The Man Who Became CEO Of Neuro-Insight At 25

Text by Zaral Shah

Pranav Yadav shares seven power pointers from his life…

When you first talk to Pranav Yadav, his eloquence combined with a self-assured-but-humble attitude offer a view into the making of the 31-year-old CEO. With an extensive list of achievements — including stints with Goldman Sachs and ReD Associates — he has spearheaded Neuro-Insight, a company that uses neuromarketing to help brands deliver more effective messages by studying the brain’s responses, into becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. Yadav, an ARF Great Mind Awards winner finds inspiration in all that is done with passion. On his work ethic he says, “I am not regimented at all — but I like to deliver on my promise. So as long as the work is done, and done well — I believe in total flexibility.”

He shares his power pointers with Verve, culled from his own life lessons:

Biases exist everywhere. Prove your potential and have a sense of humour!
I never felt strange about leading a company at a young age. Given that I was hired as the CEO and wasn’t there because I founded the company, the people within the organisation had faith in my abilities. When you walk into meetings you do get judged a little — but biases exist in more ways than just age….

Produce the best, without expectation of recognition, wealth or fear of failure
When I was younger, wealth generation was the biggest objective because I didn’t have any, and so I went into banking. As I grew secure about my financial future, I wanted to do more innovative things and seek excellence.

A warm smile, a hug, and genuineness of intent go a long way
Living all over the globe has affected me immensely. The world has been generous and I’ve had people from different races and religions go out of their way to help me — making me realise that people everywhere are exactly the same, we just need to recognise where they’re coming from.

I like things that pay attention to detail
I design most of my own clothes. They’re an expression of myself, and I like to create my own. I have no judgement whatsoever for people who may not want to dress one way or another. But I am certainly attracted to things that are made well. I pick style over fashion.

The only way to survive is to keep checking if you still believe in it
I can’t pinpoint one obstacle. There were, and still are, many. When you start with bootstrapping, you do everything, from sweeping the floor and making presentations to going out and meeting clients…. If you have the faith, you keep going. Luckily for me, I’ve always believed in Neuro-Insight.

Success is defined by clients and the team
My definition is slightly different from that of most others. If I see my clients finding value in our work, and that they keep coming back; and if my team is excited every day about the questions we answer and is stimulated by the work we do — I think we’re successful. We’ve done well, but I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface yet.

It’s important to find a work-life balance
As one may imagine, it is hard to completely disconnect. You’re constantly thinking about unresolved issues at work; and when you’re building your company, it is not just work — it is your life. I had to teach myself to develop routines like leaving the office, making time to work out, and meeting friends to engage in discussions that are not focused around work. Often it gives you the ability to connect the dots and come back with ideas and solutions you couldn’t have come up with while sitting at your desk.

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