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June 27, 2014

Power Emoter: Nimrat Kaur

Text by Viseshika Sharma. Photograph by Poulomi Dey

Power Emoter, Nimrat Kaur, makes it to the Verve Power list for her charming yet impactful turn in The Lunchbox

Raised in an army family, Nimrat Kaur is no stranger to discipline, and it has served her well. Independence was carefully cultivated, so the young actress was able to stick it out in a tough industry. She participated in skits, trembled in theatre and finally, sensationally, lost the plot over a bar of chocolate so that she is known as much for being ‘the Cadbury girl’ as she is for being ‘The Lunchbox girl’.

Power is: “When you recognise your responsibilities. Humility and power go hand-in-hand. Arrogance and frivolity have no place there.”

Life since The Lunchbox: “I’m really enjoying the exposure and the interactions with fantastic filmmakers. I’ve received more love and adulation in the past year than in the rest of my career. It’s a little overwhelming, but the energy is great.”

Most humbling experience: “I was backstage at an awards ceremony and Mr Bachchan was there. I’d never met him before and it was a moment of schoolgirl awe. He told me how much he’d enjoyed the film, and that he’d seen me in the Cadbury ad, and I was just thrilled. He knew my name!”

Read more about Nimrat Kaur in our cover story interview from Januray 2014 here.

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