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June 22, 2014

Power Chief: Chitra Ramkrishna

Text by Nasrin Modak

The first woman to fill the shoes of a MD and CEO of a stock exchange in India, Chitra Ramkrishna is passionate about Carnatic music and loves to play the veena. What’s her policy?

The current chief of India’s largest bourse, the National Stock Exchange, shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to fill the shoes of a MD and CEO of a stock exchange in India. Chitra Ramkrishna is also one of the three women in Asia to do so. She has been a part of NSE’s founding team and has grown with the institution. A chartered accountant by profession, she was a part of the five-member team selected by the government to set up a screenbased pan-India stock exchange. Her role in the decision making process has strengthened NSE’s network that extends to a large number of cities across the country. Entering into overseas markets was another achievement for this lady who believes that her actions must speak louder than words.

Her policy: Be honest. “The road to success both personally and professionally is by being honest in whatever one does.”

Coping with competition: “Competition is an integral part of the evolution of any industry and in the same vein we take it in our stride.”

On handling power: “It helps you take the right decisions and helps you to empower others.”

Key for work-life balance: Good time management.

Passionate about: Carnatic music.

Loves to: Play the veena.

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