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March 11, 2012

Poster Girl

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Vishal Kullarwar.

Discursive and intuitive, artist Vidha Saumya is all set to make her mark with the swish colours of the art world

On a lazy Sunday, artist Vidha Saumya watches shadows on the ceiling and the reflections of mirrors on the walls while listening to Benjamin Sisters and Barış Manço. When she is done, she returns to I, Lalla: The Poems Of Lal Ded, a book she is currently reading.

At first, Vidha appears reserved, snobbish even, but when she opens up, you realise that she is only taking things in, mulling over them and then, in the backdrop of her deep, profound thoughts, a story is taking shape. Creatures are being formed. When she goes back to the canvas, with colours, she will breathe life into them. Vidha is passionate about the story of things, people, places, time and discoveries.

From Basantpur, a small village in Bihar to Mumbai’s art circles, it’s been a long journey and Vidha is enjoying every bit of it. Sometimes, she misses collecting hailstones to spike the RoohAfza with her cousins at her hometown. She has had two solo exhibitions and has designed the poster for the Mumbai Film Festival last year. Her day job at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke ensures she stays in touch with the business of art. Her favourite artists, Kiki Smith, Dayanita Singh, Sophie Calle and Rachel Whiteread, inspire her. In her free time, Vidha enjoys cooking.

She believes that “tomorrow you will be too old and would have acquired little habits, making you the slave of your own freedom”. In 2012, she is looking forward “to a new trail with the orange light on a new road, on the same path”.

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