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December 20, 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody

Text by Shirin Salwan. Photographed by Manpreet Singh

She’s eclectic, free-spirited and spunky. Meet Pia Pauro, the multifaceted designer whose label, as well as her personal sense of style, resonates with a nomadic global flavour and luxe undertones.

Drawing inspirations from tribal arts and translating them into beautiful prints and embroidery, Pia’s creations are contemporary, yet stay true to the Indian heritage. Having grown up to a multitude of cultural influences, Pia’s aesthetics are an amalgamation of the east and the west with an unmistakable signature of her own.

  • Pia Pauro
    “The influence of travel reflects on my wardrobe choices as well, in fact some of my favourite pieces are the ones I have picked up during my travels.”
  • Pia Pauro
    “I have been a traveller all my life, and that part of my lifestyle plays a key role in my design inspirations.”
  • Pia Pauro
    “I like keeping my looks simple, yet individualistic – with accessories or the way I pair the separates. My everyday personal style could be considered bohemian and eclectic, although I love to dress up in beautiful, elegant dresses when the occasion demands.”
  • Pia Pauro
    “My collections are usually destination-driven – from the tribal inspirations of Zanzibar to the resort vibe of Ibiza, each piece I design is a reflection of my personality and design aesthetic.”
  • Pia Pauro
    “I love shoes! My shoe fetish inspired me to start my own footwear label Pow Wow along with my fashion label.”
  • Pia Pauro
    “I would never create anything I would not wear myself, and I am often out wearing a kaftan or tunic dress or vest from my label. They are easy, comfortable yet chic.”

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