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April 06, 2015

Out of the Box: Vivek Dahiya

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Tejal Pandey. Conceptualised by Ashima Gupta. Styling by Chandni Bahri

Tele-heroes speak about their stints on the small screen that have garnered them adulation and acclaim

Claim to fame: Rajveer Thakur in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera

His transition from the boardroom to the box office was not only his greatest challenge, but it was one that happened purely by chance. Vivek Dahiya, an ambitious business analyst who completed his masters in International Business and Management from Leicester Business School in England, switched professional gears when he won the Modelle de lane, Mr Chandigarh in 2011. He shot to the spotlight, grabbing eyeballs with his portrayal of Inspector Rajveer Thakur, the obsessed lover who stalks his beloved and does anything — even committing murder to get her — in the popular Star Plus show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera.

The 30-year-old has always been a show business enthusiast and would get inspired by exceptionally stand-out portrayals and performances on television and in cinema halls. But since a career in show business is beset by uncertainties, Dahiya preferred to pursue a more stable and planned alternative. Until fate played its cards and he took the plunge to make acting his primary occupation.

Ask him why he chose to portray a negative character who was driven by an overriding obsession and Dahiya says, “I never planned on starting my career with the role of a person who is conniving, obnoxious and, most of all, a murderer. It felt strange playing someone whom I had no personal reference of. But, today, I love Rajveer for gratifying the actor in me. Every hate message I receive only inspires me to continue doing my best.”

That said, what Dahiya does have in common with his on-screen counterpart is his zeal to obtain, achieve and never lose his focus from the goal. And since he has so successfully played the bad guy, he receives his due share of hate messages. He remembers a compliment which he cherishes, saying, “A passionate fan of the show messaged me that he would get me beaten up if he ever met me outside.”

His personal style is easy-going and tasteful. He says his ideal outfit would be, “A crisp white shirt paired with semi formal denims, classy formal shoes and a black strapped formal watch — making it quintessential for every occasion.” Off late he has begun adding to his outfits a grey hat and if the weather permits, a tailored grey or black blazer.

Currently single, Dahiya paints his ideal woman as someone he will be able to connect with at an intellectual as well as a spiritual level. Should she be an avid traveller with a wider perspective, well-acquainted with cultures from around the world, it would be a plus for him. A woman of substance and integrity — maybe even someone who plays hard to get — would make for his perfect other half.

A massive fan of Christopher Nolan’s work, he appreciates conflict of illusion verses reality on screen. “Nolan grips your attention like an iron claw and you can’t help watching and wonder what will happen next,” he says. Keen to venture out onto the silver screen himself, Dahiya explains “I’m not quite sure where I’d position myself at the moment. I want to assess and analyse myself to figure what genre I’m cut out for — and TV works as a learning institution.”

Apart from playing Rajveer, he has some interesting projects lined up. He is currently rehearsing to play the protagonist in a play Just Business scheduled to show at NCPA, and though not keen on revealing details till all is finalised, he is also in conversation with leading production house Beyond Dreams which is
coming up with a new series where he looks forward to being cast as a central character.

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