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February 14, 2011

Out of a cube

Text by Kadambari Gupte. Photograph by Shweta Walavalkar

Sharing one common passion, Rachna and Neha Mehta speak about how their diverse experience sparks their creativity

Three cities, three siblings…but one common passion. Rachna and Neha Mehta, along with their brother Mehul, share a vision that translates into creative lines that are the brainchild of their company Mcube. “Everything we draw is derived from experiences. It could be something as extreme as a vipasna or something as simple as observing kids playing in the park,” says Neha, the younger sister who did her BFA from University of Illinois at Chicago. “When we are in Mumbai, we love going around the city. It gives us a visual stimulation,” adds Rachna, who has done her Marketing Communication from Chicago.  While their brother Mehul lives in the USA, Rachna lives in Pune and Neha resides in Mumbai. Over time, their design work has been featured in the Rockford books and a few case-studies as well.  “We love what we do and we believe that it can make a difference in the world around us,” Neha emphasises.

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