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September 16, 2009

Bric-a-Brac Beauty

Text by Nitasha Malhotra. Photograph by Nilesh Acharekar

Nitya Arora’s one-of-a-kind accessories make a statement

Accessories designer Nitya Arora’s label VALLIYAN is making waves. At just 21, this vibrant accessory designer is making her mark. Nitya, who has nurtured a strong love for art and design since she was a young girl, believes it’s her passion that makes Valliyan among the most popular accessory collections in the market. With a premium on exclusivity and originality, you’re bound to be noticed if you’re wearing one of Nitya’s pieces. Her necklaces are usually so chunky and bright that they can add a spark to even the most ordinary outfit. As she says, she rarely repeats a design unless someone requests it or “I like it so much that I do it in different colours or variations. It’s almost certain that no one in the world will have the exact same piece.” The young designer is off to realise her childhood dream to study fashion at Parsons University in New York. Happily, Valliyan will continue to retail at stores.

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