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May 20, 2014

Society At Play #1

Text by Nisha Jhangiani

Verve’s fashion director, Nisha Jhangiani, shares her social diaries….

The Reason A blow-out, intense chat session covering anything that crossed our minds was direly needed.

The Guests
Roohi Jaikishan, gourmet entrepreneur and hostess of the most fun soirees in town (and the most delicious as well – the generous home-cooked spreads create as much buzz as the latest piece of gossip).
Maneka Thadani, marketing and communications manager, Gucci India (always unflappable, with an infectious smile to boot).
Nisha Jhangiani, fashion director, Verve (who chose the venue because of its healthy meal options and then promptly went ahead and ordered bottles of wine with thick coconut curries).
The Rendezvous India Jones, Trident Hotel, Mumbai.
The Menu Spinach dumplings, pomelo salad, salmon and asparagus yakitoris, edamame, teppanyaki fried rice (with a special order urgently sent to Roohi‘s kids waiting at home for their India Jones fix), vegetable curry in coconut shell, Cocoa ’55 cake. Tarapaca Chardonnay. Followed by Chinkara Chardonnay. We can be healthy next time.
The Conversation You would think it would be difficult to weave a conversation through upcoming plans and scheduling each one’s dates for Milan with a weekend in Tuscany thrown in before diving headlong into the serious pros and cons of divorces, but we managed with seamless ease. The merits of online shopping were subject to similar earnest scrutiny. Everyone’s choice of accessories got their due. Gucci’s July show-jumping event in Paris piqued interest…with a barrage of questions that got us back to date scheduling again. Physiotherapy miracles, hair styling tips and Modi mania all made it to the dinner table discussion. Basically, a regular girls chatathon!

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