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December 17, 2014

The Good Life

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena

Nirmal Kolte, the young scion of the Pune-based realty group Kolte-Patil, is all set to conquer luxury spaces in India

The fact that I first catch sight of him in the business class of the flight from Zurich to Valencia is ample evidence of the fact that he is poised to fly high! The slimly built Nirmal Kolte in a jersey and jeans comes across like a lad all set to enjoy a vacation overseas, but a few hours later, addressing the audience at the headquarters of the Porcelanosa Group, the scion of the Pune-based realty leader, proves that his focus is the project he is spearheading – 24K, Kolte-Patil’s new arm of luxury abodes.

In Spain to reinforce his collaboration with the country’s leading ceramics and tiling brand, Nirmal speaks passionately about his vision to take home décor and interiors to the next level. Growing up in a family that was devoted to business, he admits, “Conversations about real estate and allied topics dominated our dinner table. And since I loved designs – I used to design my spaces – I thought I would be an architect.”

To Nirmal, luxury should be simple. “High living need not be flashy or ostentatious. For me, luxury is more a matter of convenience; all about how a space makes life easier for the person who lives in it.”

The 25-year-old TISB alumnus admits, “I am still learning at work, but I am not winging it on my own. I respect my elders and take advice from them. But, my core team is very young and new. And we are all passionate about our work.”

Nirmal got married to his girlfriend of many years, Shreya Agarwal. And what does he do when he is not working? “I enjoy travelling,” he states. “I am very passionate about football. I do not support any one team or club, but I have always been into the sport. I play it regularly to calm down.”

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