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May 18, 2009

New kid on the blog

Text by Supriya Nair

Amitabh Nanda, actor and ad man, takes to writing

“I got in pretty late in the day basically to unload my resentment at the ease with which we allow people to get away with ludicrous behaviour under the guise of mass media,” says Amitabh Nanda of his incisive, articulate new blog, What To Think (, where he expostulates on everything from auto ads and Bollywood to Team India’s cricket kits. “In that sense WTT is less a blog, and more a set of naïve ramblings which I hope, at a minimum, annoy some of these people.” A worthy enough goal, made even more deliciously sardonic when you consider that Amitabh himself is no stranger to media attention. As the actor and ad man-turned-full-time-writer points out, “Blogging is acting. You suffer pretty much the same preoccupations in both – you start out in total obscurity, with little personal control over the destiny of your work; you operate with practiced sincerity, become shameless in the art of self-promotion.”

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