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August 12, 2009

Making No Bones

Text by Simone Dinshaw. Photograph by Ankur Chaturvedi

Skeleton Woman director Nayantara Kotian calls the shots

“My first love was film,” confesses Nayantara Kotian, director of Skeleton Woman which has been running to full houses ever since it opened in April. Having graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design in 2007 with a diploma in film and video communication design, she is the creator of award-winning documentaries that focus on the social, political and economic issues which often escape the media’s roving eye. Her films range from covering the Tibetan Olympics which were held in India last year to following the lives of two Amitabh Bachchan look-alikes whose destinies seemed interwoven with that of the original. This young artist who thrives on change and novel challenges currently prefers theatre to film, since the medium is still new and exciting for her and every show is unique. As a director, she is primarily motivated by visuals. A self-admitted Project Runway and The Sartorialist addict, Nayantara views fashion as an art form: “Fashion is such a fun way of expressing who you are visually; I admire people who take their personal style to the level of art.” Her future plans include dreams of a staging a musical, and with her extraordinary ability to blend imagination and veracity, she’s sure not to disappoint.

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