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October 10, 2009

Rasta Spirit

Text by Sohiny Das

Mrinalini Gupta’s designs spell ‘Peace Out!’

Those who know her ask, ‘Who’s Mrinalini?’ when they hear her real name. To them she’s Megz. The self-proclaimed ‘Rasta’ (think Bob Marley, not street) girl has contrasting philosophies in life (beach bum grunge lover) and design (“an almost monastic purity”), which collide, but somehow never clash. “I strive to fuse my basic love of things with my love of basic things.” She deliberately confuses us “with an amicable tolerance for both minimalism and ‘maximalism’.” Simply put, she’s comfortable with clean lines and excesses alike. The NIFT graduate’s work experiences with Maharishi and Rajesh Pratap Singh have helped her “differentiate fashion from design before its final integration.”  Her themes always have a dark gleam, much like her humour. Retailing her womenswear label ‘Mrinalini’ from major boutiques across the country since 2006, the “selectively reserved” designer wants to take the slow and steady route. No fashion weeks then? “It will happen,” she assures, “in time.”

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