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July 08, 2015

A Cool Turn Of The Classic

Text by Saumya Sinha. Photographed by Manpreet Singh

Architect turned fashion entrepreneur Mohini Boparai Guleria talks about her golden rules of style and a fashion faux pas that turned out to be a blessing in disguise

While architect Mohini Boparai Guleria who co-founded Exclusively.com has defined wardrobes globally — her own closet choices distinctively gravitate towards classics. But, with the season of summer in full swing and the effect of the fashion weeks still around, the dapper dresser’s style exudes a striking air of rejuvenation. “I’m beginning to appreciate a relaxed, easy-breezy look and incorporate it in my own lifestyle now,” she says.

Her first lesson in the art of dressing came from watching her mother rock ’70s fashion effortlessly. And with runways reviving the era, the e-commerce champion is looking forward to pastiche the period with colourful vintage pieces borrowed from her mom’s glamorous collection — which are in stark contrast to her current assortment of neutrals.

As an Indian born and raised in the Netherlands, Mohini transfuses her knowledge of architecture into clothing, and acknowledges the influence of both in moulding her taste. “To make the move from being an architect to working in fashion was, I feel, my career coming full circle.”

The fashionista, who has perfected timeless elegance over the years, has committed a fair share of bloopers in the past. Every stylish woman has a significant moment hidden in the cupboard and Mohini admits, “There have been many faux pas but the biggest one was during a fashion week in Amsterdam, where I accidentally stepped out wearing two different styles of shoes. One was a gold-coloured ballerina, the other a beige, but my friends loved the look. A crazy day can do that to you.”

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