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December 22, 2010

Style Gem

Interview by Shirin Mehta. Photographed by Amit Dey

Mira Gulati, principal designer and founder of Mirari Jewels, in her own words, presents “a fusion of western simplicity with eastern substance…” in her personal attire which epitomises understated luxe. Her style has been described as ‘Indian romanticism meets Chanel chic’. A similar East-meets-West feel is evident in her jewellery designs – replete with dazzling diamonds, emeralds and rubies – which draw inspiration from a resplendent peacock or gossamer butterfly and then move, in luxurious manner, into the sphere of ‘Indian contemporary’. Trained for five years in the US at the Gemological Institute of America, as a jewellery designer and gemologist, Gulati claims that her work “is all about this country’s contemporary attitude towards design”.

Verve meets up with the effortless dresser in her New Delhi home and discovers a designer with strong tastes and inspirations…one who loves to play the piano in her spare time and “do lots of yoga” to keep fit and fab…

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