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August 23, 2014

Singh is Queen

Text by Simone Louis

Most commonly known as Superwoman, witty girl Lilly Singh is ruling the internet, the comedy circuit and, now, the music world too

When Canadian-born YouTube superstar Lilly Singh uploaded her first video three years ago, she didn’t expect anyone to like it. Fast forward to 2014 – now famous as Superwoman, she is greeted by hordes of screaming, crying, hyperventilating fans in every country she visits.

Through the years, Singh has not only got the world rolling on the floor laughing, but has also motivated them to be united in one love and believe in themselves. Even the story behind her name is inspiring – when she was very young, she named herself after her favourite hip hop song. “It was an inspirational song called Superwoman by Lil’ Mo. I started calling myself Superwoman every time I faced a challenge and it helped me. Since then, I believe that everyone can be their own super hero!” she says.

Singh has gained over three million subscribers on her channel, a feat made possible by the success of videos like How Girls Get Ready and The Difference Between Brown and White Girls, in addition to hilarious imitations of her Punjabi family. During her first trip to India, she walked out on stage to perform at the YouTube Fan Fest in Mumbai, to a sea of frenzied people dressed just like her. Singh describes it as, “The best trip of my entire life, hands down. The fans in Mumbai treated me with so much respect and were so kind and welcoming.” She even did a collaboration video with her childhood idol Madhuri Dixit and got invited to Shah Rukh Khan’s house, about which she says, “Who even gets to say that?”

Recently her song and music video called #LEH has gone viral. The track sums up the ridiculous behaviour of many young people today in an uproariously tongue-in-cheek way. Singh hopes to also try her hand at acting in the future, but says, “As long as I’m in a studio, in front of a camera or around a stage, I’m happy.”

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