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November 13, 2016

How Lucia Giovannini Found Her True Calling As A Life Coach

Text by Avantika Akerkar

The former model opens up about her own transformation and how to uncover fulfilment during one’s lifetime

I knew the minute I walked into the crowded Mumbai cafe that the woman sitting at that table was her. There was something about her presence and the way she engaged with the space that led me to believe this would not be an ordinary exchange. Author of 12 books, Lucia Giovannini has conducted workshops all over the world, creating ‘communities of transformation’. I couldn’t help but notice that she was almost glowing, and asked her about it. It must be because she had been a supermodel in Italy many years ago (some people just have the genes!). But her answer surprised me. “I was able to transform my life into one that has meaning and purpose.”
Excerpts from the interview….

Were you always so focused and aware?
“To the contrary! I was a model in Europe who also ran many fashion-related businesses with my partner. But something felt hollow. So one day, I asked myself two questions: what happens if I live my entire life like this? And, if I come to the last day of my life, could I say with honesty and certainty that I was happy? This was my aha moment that resulted in my shifting gears to become a life coach. But I didn’t know what it entailed. So I jumped into the deep end and set myself the task of systematically learning what it required. Through focused and diligent work I crafted my own methods. The central theme is motivation that is triggered and reinforced by asking questions, and developing a system of checks and balances.”

What does it take to transform your own life?
“Empowerment! For women this is particularly difficult. Culturally, women tend to live up to the notion of the fairer sex: they tend to doubt themselves, and live in fear; often we satisfy our needs last, and we tend not to live our true dream and fulfil our purpose. When you can value yourself first before anyone else, that is the first step to transformation; when you can say no and mean it; and when you can learn to fail. We must fail as the baby did before learning to walk; but that doesn’t translate into us being failures.”

Can you share some practical tips about taking a leap of faith?
“Be ready to ask questions. And when you start, keep a journal with you to capture the answers. Pay attention to your dreams, find or create a community of like-minded seekers, and trust your intuition. A woman’s intuition is so powerful, but she keeps it disguised and often doesn’t trust this gem.”

India calling?
“I will be conducting a two-day workshop in January based on my recently published book, A Whole New Life: Discover the Power of Positive Transformation. I am so fortunate to have visited the country often; I always leave with a deep respect for how much I change as well. My trips have encouraged me to explore work with animals, students and personal clients.”

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