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August 21, 2014

A Screen Amour

Text by Neha Gupta.

After receiving critical acclaim for Love, Lies and Seeta, US-based actor Lavrenti Lopez, with an eye on Hindi cinema, is penning his own feature Second Chance

He grabbed attention when he was nominated for the best actor for Love, Lies and Seeta at the World Independent Film Festival in Washington D.C. Lavrenti Lopez, keen on acting since childhood, enrolled in New York’s Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute after high school. “I researched all the trained actors I looked up to and I wanted to do the same,” he states.

While the fear of rustling up finances to survive in the USA and thoughts of losing his visa before he was able to prove himself often raised their ugly head, he realised that unlike Bollywood, “The American industry is a lot more accessible if you’re good.” Over the years he has been cast as the lead in four films. “There are many more opportunities for Indians to play substantial roles here than there were a few years ago, but more opportunity is not equal opportunity.”

He has one eye on Indian cinema as well. “I love the plethora of good movies being made by Indian directors that don’t necessarily fit the commercial mould but have their own voice.” While his next film The Mad Ones is due to release this year, he hopes to get his self-written feature Second Chance produced soon.

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