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April 23, 2013

Creative Cakesmith

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Anand Gogoi.

A foodie by passion and a pastry chef by profession, Kishi Arora’s daydreams are filled with new ways to satiate sweet cravings

Her visually expressive, rustic-style desserts taste like a slice of heaven. Crafted using fusion techniques and decorated with simple French traditions, Kishi Arora’s company Foodaholics caters to compulsive foodies. “I knew all along that food was my calling,” says this TED fellow who is also a food columnist, a pastry chef and a food consultant with Mad Over Donuts and Nature’s Basket.

A graduate from the Culinary Institute of America where she specialised in baking and pastry, Kishi was awarded the best international student scholarship with the highest GPA. She began her career with the acclaimed Four Seasons Hotel in California and Singapore and also worked with a few exclusive bakeries in the US before returning to India.

From blueberry and orange chocolate to vanilla bavarian, Kishi conjures up a range of premium cakes, desserts and puddings in an assortment of exotic flavours and takes personal interest in each order. For her “it’s just a way of spreading good cheer and happiness all year round”.

Though there are many players in this market, Kishi believes that “the exotic appeal, quality and personalised service are key differentiators for Foodaholics. These days, people travel enough to recognise a sublime cheesecake from an ordinary one”!

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