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January 18, 2017

Keeping Up with Sonam Kapoor At SIHH 2017

Text by Falguni Kapadia

“It’s more elegant to wear a watch than have a phone in my hand.”

Sonam Kapoor has been named the ambassador for historied watch brand IWC Schaffhausen. We caught up with the many time Verve cover girl (as she cheekily binged on French fries) and explored her fashionable approach to the world of watches.

On being the ambassador of IWC Schaffhausen…
There wasn’t a specific watch brand that I was particularly fond of, but my grandfather used to like the IWC watches and my dad also has one. This is the first watch brand I decided to work with. I like the brand for the qualities and values they stand for and the fact that they’re so beautiful, classic and elegant.

A statement piece…
I wear a watch all the time. I think of it as a piece of jewellery — perfect for accessorising.

Androgynous vs feminine watches…
It depends on what I’m wearing! I think that I’m pretty flexible with my style and being the ambassador of a watch company, gives me the luxury of choice.

Fashion vs technology…
I’m born in the 80s, so I enjoy the best of both the worlds. I think I’m very old-fashioned, but I love technology. One of the watchmakers was talking to me about how you can keep the watch going for eight days, by winding it. Like a phone loses its power in a day, but the watch won’t. I think that there is a beauty to that.
I enjoy well-made things — be it clothes or watches. I feel that there’s a charm in vintage things. (She is currently wearing a vintage dress she picked up in London) It’s more elegant to wear a watch than have a phone in my hand. (In fact, my phone is never next to me, I even wake up with a normal alarm!)

Sonam’s pick…
I love the IWC Da Vinci. I think it’s a very beautiful and elegant watch piece. Besides the beauty, I love the workmanship.

Looking forward to in 2017…
I have signed three movies, and then will be done by June this year, and then I will go the moon!

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