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October 13, 2011

Freezing memories

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Clyde D’Souza.

Wedding photographer Karen D’Souza loves watching all the action at nuptials through the lens – the fun moments, the teary farewells, the emotional freizes….

For their theme wedding in Goa, Karen D’Souza and her husband Clyde spent innumerable days selecting every little detail down to the ring bearer cushion but overlooked hiring a good wedding photographer. Their wedding album is a testimony of this mistake.

At that time their “passion for photography was just taking off” so from the wedding gift money, “we bought our first DSLR and went on to assist professional wedding photographers.” Shortly thereafter came the first big order. “When I saw the images I had clicked, I realised my true potential as an artist. I knew this was my calling,” remembers Karen. Between editing images and laying out albums to add her personal touch, Karen spends time with her 18-month-old son Ewan, studies for her Masters degree, researches the Internet for latest trends and is constantly on the lookout to learn anything that’s interesting, including new languages and crafting paper bags. All in the pursuit “to find better ways to tell a couple’s love story that generations to come shall witness.”

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