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June 03, 2014

Kangana Speak

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photograph by Jatin Kampani

The star of Verve’s June 2014 power issue is Indian cinema actor, Kangana Ranaut. Check out 10 power quotes from the ‘Queen Bee’….

Amidst the big blockbusters that hit the silver screen with much brouhaha, quietly came a movie this year that garnered both critical acclaim and box-office ratings. Queen shone with its sincerity and simplicity. Its lead performer, Kangana Ranaut – in a bravura act carried the movie on her slender shoulders as she morphed into the simple, innocent Rani and received kudos from every quarter.

She feels that every person who is in control of himself/herself is the most powerful of them all. And, for Kangana Ranaut, her own sense of power comes from within. It stems from the fact that she is a disciplined person who believes in herself and values her – and other people’s – time.

The actor speaks eloquently about the highs and lows on the route to the top. Here’s a sneak peek….

1. “It does not matter what people expect from me. My own expectations from myself have increased.”

2. “I am very happy when people oppose me. I like fighting for the right thing.”

3. “Power is all about being in control.”

4. “I am a very sorted person.”

5. “Each day is not perfect.”

6. “You allow the character to slip into you.”

7. “For me, success is control.”

8. “I do not look back.”

9. “Acting was never my ultimate goal.”

10. “I do not enjoy the attention.”

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