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March 29, 2018

Jill Of All Trades: How 24-Year-Old Rashi Goil Juggles Three Awesome Careers

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

She is the owner of a high street fashion label, marketer at a French patisserie and partner at an Indian company that officially manufactures props for productions like Game of Thrones….

If you type Rashi Goil’s name into the search bar of Google, you may conclude the session with some confusion followed by a healthy amount of respect. Who is Rashi Goil and what exactly does she do? Is she the owner of a high street fashion brand that specialises in white shirts or does she dole out scrumptious desserts made of the finest ingredients sourced all the way from France? Here’s an even more astounding premise — is she related to and partner at an Indian company that is known to manufacture props for productions like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star WarsHarry Potter and Gladiator? Impressively, she’s all of them, all at once.

24-year-old entrepreneur Rashi Goil’s day usually involves 12-15 hours of work where she spends the first couple of hours working from home, researching new graphic design trends, brushing up on her knowledge of medieval history and constructing dessert boards on Pinterest. Following that, she heads to RS Windlass’ (RSW) garment factory and overlooks production and day-to-day work related to Sarto Label, squeezing in sourcing trips to local markets whenever she finds the time. Her final stop is Cravity Cafe, where she interacts with guests before retiring for the day and going home to her family. An ambitious youngster, she also takes up freelance design projects, amazingly managing to accommodate enough events into her buzzing social calendar as well.

Goil admits to having multiple personalities as she juggles jobs — dealing with workers and handling production at RSW requires her to be tough while socialising with guests at the cafe or interacting with Sarto clients call for a more easy-going persona. As we puzzled over how she successfully shuffles between three jobs when most of us have trouble dealing with one, it dawned upon us that the only reason she’s able to devote a great deal of her time and energy towards her work is that she loves it. The zeal for her career equips her with the ability to choose work over her social life sometimes, but she always strives for balance, which is made easier by an efficient team and sound delegation capabilities.

We spoke to her about the three slices of her professional pie, what she likes best about each job and her vision for the future of each. Here are excerpts from our conversation….

The tale of the white shirt
“I’ve always loved the simplicity and versatility of a good white shirt as it’s both classic and classy. The hunt for the perfect white shirt led me to create something that would be comfortable and trendy at the same time. That’s when I decided to put my graphic design skills to good use along with my acquired knowledge of garment construction and launched Sarto Label.

The label’s USP is that its motifs resonate with the youth. I draw inspiration from practically everything — moods, memes, lyrics and pop culture. I recently introduced customisation options when I noticed that my clientele kept recommending interesting designs that they would like to see on my shirts. Although my personal favourites are the panda and my dog Tango’s portrait, I particularly enjoy customising photographs of clients’ dogs onto their shirts. A kids’ line is also in the works so there’s currently a lot of excitement at the office!”

A game of props
“My great-grandfather, Mr Ved Prakash Windlass founded the Windlass Group in 1943. What initially was a small unit that manufactured khukris (basic utility knives) for the British Gurkha regiment was transformed into a company that manufactures swords, armour, and weaponry for various armed forces around the world, along with some of the best Hollywood productions. Founded in 1991, RS Windlass & Sons (RSW) is the garment division of the original enterprise and specialises in producing period costumes and licensed merchandise, in sync with the other products.

We hadn’t come into the limelight in India until very recently since most of our products were meant for export only, and the market in India for such merchandise was at a nascent stage. With the brewing interest and exposure to western shows and movies, the Indian youth has gotten better acquainted with global trends. This is especially true of series like Game Of Thrones and the hype surrounding it; that’s when the domestic interest in our company grew and media companies began approaching us to feature our work.

As a kid, I was very excited to learn that we were the official manufacturers of Harry Potter merchandise. When I joined the business, I initially assisted my father in order to learn more about the day-to-day operations, and then moved on to a more active role in the overall functioning of the unit. Currently, I  am overlooking production and have assumed expansion and marketing responsibilities as well. Harry Potter props continue to be my eternal love but I’m currently having an affair with Game Of Thrones merchandise because it was the first project that I worked on as part of RSW and I love the show. I’m also looking forward to working with Marvel again as they have some interesting projects in the pipeline.

Around eight years ago, when Salman Khan’s Veer (2010) released, I remember discussing the elaborate costumes with my dad and how I believed we would’ve done a great job recreating it. Many Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies feature costumes and armour that are right up our alley, and we would love to experiment with domestic projects like these.”

So long, and thanks for the sweet dish
“My brother, Rachit had always been an ardent lover of sumptuous food and desserts and founded a patisserie called Cravity that specialises in French confectioneries. He coined the name when he thought of sweet cravings and the sense of gravity that draws one towards that desire. Our USP is comfort food and dessert served with great warmth, and I handle the bakery’s branding, marketing, and events.

The initial idea was to make authentic and exquisite French desserts available in India but our selection has grown to include other European desserts too. We try to create specialised and seasonal offerings inspired by local events, festivals and trends. Cravity takes a lot of pride in its fine quality macarons, and I’d highly recommend the Laphroaig Macaron for those who appreciate whiskey. The Beurre sale au chocolat, which has a brownie base, a layer of chocolate mousse and is topped with salted caramel and the Tarte au citron (lemon tart) are our favourites too!”

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