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February 20, 2018

Jet Set Go!: Pooja Mor

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Ace Amir

In conversation with four intrepid globetrotters, we discover their much-loved destinations, packing hacks and things they will never leave home without. Here, we talk to Pooja Mor

Pooja Mor

Sashaying her way through the fashion circuit the world over, she has made an individual impact on it. When asked where she’s from, she takes immense pride in telling people she is from India. Pooja Mor’s journey, now supervised by Anima Creative Management, took her from the world of engineering to modelling and soon made her one of the most sought-after models. A smart voyager, she always has a bag ready for when she has to get going at short notice. A destination she loves is Tulum, Mexico for its closeness to nature. And being one who loves to write and read, Mor’s iPad is her all-time travel essential.

“Lip balm is the one thing I believe I need loads of, so that definitely is something I wouldn’t leave home without. For my face, especially in the cold weather or when flying — because my skin becomes dry — I carry everything I can to keep it as hydrated as possible. And I also carry a perfume.”

“My luggage comprises very minimal stuff. You’d find gym wear, and maybe one or two changes of clothes. As I usually travel for work, and my trips last for about two to three days, I don’t need much on the go.”

“A highlighter is something I always pack. I love highlighting, and will indulge in it even if I’m doing something as simple as going out to lunch with some friends.”

“I always keep a bag ready with the bare minimum stuff that I need. Being in the profession that I am, my schedule is often very hectic. There are times when I get a job at the very last minute, and have to fly out immediately. So having a  bag that’s packed and ready to go is often a great asset, just in case!”

“In my vanity bag you’d find a red Chanel lipstick, a highlighter and mascara for sure.”

“Sweden’s cute pathways and colourful buildings are a treat for the eyes. The people too are really nice. I always love travelling there!”

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