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February 21, 2018

Jet Set Go!: Matthieu Foss

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Sneha Trivedi

In conversation with four intrepid globetrotters, we discover their much-loved destinations, packing hacks and things they will never leave home without. Here, we talk to Matthieu Foss

Matthieu Foss
Art Cognoscente

The co-founder and festival director of the Focus Photography Festival, Mumbai, Matthieu Foss never leaves home without a travel-size bottle of Chanel’s Allure Homme and his sunglasses. Additional sweet somethings the art aficionado would love to take along — if they didn’t melt — would be dark, bitter chocolates. While New York and Paris are places he will never get tired of visiting as he has lived in both, the Alps are where he enjoys skiing — and being completely disconnected from the outside world at large, at least for a short while.

“I pack on my own and try to go as minimalistic as possible. But, I’m rather absent-minded, so will often arrive at my destination and realise I’ve forgotten something as crucial as a pair of socks.”

“Hotel slippers make people look like ducks, so my travel essentials most definitely include my Havaianas, which are very comfortable. And, being a light sleeper, I always carry an eye mask.”

“To me, travel is very much about the culture and the food. I love Italy because both are so deeply rooted and connected there. Few other cuisines give so much importance to fresh, out-of-the-ground, local ingredients.”

“My wife MarieLou recommended I keep a few drops of lavender essential oil under my pillow. It helps me fall asleep and somewhat feel at home; so that’s something I always pack.”

“I am adventurous with food but am also picky when it comes to quality and inventive cooking — even with street food. In 2018, I will take the plunge and try an insect-based meal!”

“For a tech detox, the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, near McLeod Ganj are where I would head to. The beauty of nature and purity of the air at that altitude are uplifting. I can hike for hours, with my mobile shamelessly left behind at a guest house.”

“I’m an Instagram enthusiast. It’s a way of documenting some of the peculiar poetic sightings I see. I use @snooods like a personal mini archive.”

“No matter how long the flight, once I reach, I try to stay awake until it’s night time at my destination. This helps me adapt to the local time. Melatonin at bedtime really does help reset your biological clock.”

“I would love to immerse myself in the rich, multifaceted culture of Japan. I want to go when on work, in order to have a better chance of connecting with the people.”

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