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November 30, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #27: JetSetGo with Kanika Tekriwal

Text by Simone Louis

She’s the winged guardian who will fly your guests to your dream wedding, in luxury and style

Winged Guardian
Who: Kanika Tekriwal
From: JetSetGo

When it comes to bridal shindigs, she takes the phrase ‘sky’s the limit’ to new heights. Having worked in the aviation industry since the age of 17, it was only a matter of time before Tekriwal made it big — which she managed to do by zeroing in on a fairly untapped market. And with the popularity of destination weddings on the rise, her idea — India’s first-ever private air travel company — has made way for more grandeur than ever before. Whether you have 50 guests or 500, it is irrelevant — JetSetGo shuttles parties to wedding venues, organises pre-wedding events in the sky and will even help you propose while soaring in a helicopter. “At the wedding itself, you will often find the helicopter decorated in line with the theme to take guests on a joy ride or even drop flowers from the sky. We constantly roll out unique offerings based on the client’s taste or preferences,” she elaborates.

Given her experience in an industry where theatrics and emotion both run high, it’s not surprising that Tekriwal finds it to be headed in a bipolar direction. On one hand is the desire to be more extravagant and grandiose and, on the other, an inclination towards private gatherings and personal attention. “Still, what seems to be constant is a demand for authenticity and an increased level of creativity.”

Trend Talk
Destination weddings: “These seem to be fitting in quite well — between the two extremes of grandiose and low-key weddings.”

Airborne bachelor and bachelorette parties: “We are surprised at the increased willingness of people to host such parties in the sky rather than at a five-star hotel. Most customers want out-of-the-box activities for their guests.”

Customisation: “Entire commercial aircrafts are being exclusively chartered out — and the trend is to customise it all: the look and feel of the interiors, the china used or the dining experience, and so on.”

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