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September 08, 2015

Behind the scenes with Jacqueline Fernandez

Text by Wyanet Vaz. Images by Prateek Patel

What goes on behind the making of a cover shoot? Get the complete low down here…

As the Eastern light crept through dingy windows and fell over Louis Vuitton trunks, baubles from The House of Rose, and vintage artefacts, the Essajees warehouse created an artistic set-up for Verve’s bridal cover shoot. The meticulously planned affair included for the first time a guest designer, Anand Kabra, who orchestrated the styling, along with our fashion director, Nisha Jhangiani. “He was totally game for this, and his forte and aesthetic also lies in bridal wear. His understanding of cut, colour, silhouette and drape brought about a very valuable dimension to the styling,” she shares.

Anand, a self-proclaimed control freak, found this to be a perfect detour from his usual job as a designer. “I got a chance to explore this other part of our business. I am so used to thinking like a designer, but here I was able to explore the many variables that come with styling.” Constantly on his feet, and well prepared with alternatives and plan Bs, he enjoyed this intermingling of work and play. “It was almost like a big party. We were exchanging witty comments, pulling each others’ legs, creating story lines…and it didn’t seem like a workday after all.”

Our cover girl Jacqueline Fernandez took occasional breaks to waltz with photographer Rohan Shrestha, as classic numbers like Something Stupid personified the romantic flavour of the shoot. Rohan’s equation with Jacqueline was almost telepathic, and she worked her angles without him having to direct her much. “Jacky and I have been shooting for four years now, we have grown up together. She is fun to work with, receptive, open and completely chilled. She’s like one of the guys!”

Despite the embellishments and regalia, it was the fluid equations, jovial temperaments and unconventional elements (like a bride in a cage or a vintage bathtub) that made this shoot a memorable one.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video here:

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