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August 03, 2016

Rasika Navare On What Changed Her Mind About Modelling

Text by Ranjabati Das. Photograph by Kaspar Jack. Model courtesy: Anima Creative Management

She talks about working as an Indian model internationally and her biggest fashion inspiration

The 26-year-old Pune girl’s first international campaign was for Smashbox Worldwide Cosmetics, and boy, did she score a home run! One of the most promising Indian stars on the global horizon — though modelling was a complete no-no at first — she followed it up with Sephora Canada, Givenchy Middle East and appearances in several international magazines. The level-headed medical technology graduate now wishes to make space in her five-year plan to work with and for animals. Talk about a super role model!

“The prospect of travelling the world is what sealed my decision to pursue modelling. It’s not been very long since I have been part of this industry and I’ve fortunately worked with some amazing brands, photographers, stylists and make-up artists. I still have a long way to go. I want to do and evolve more.”

“I would love to see the life of Audrey Hepburn through her eyes, experience that time and era. I feel like she would be witty and intelligent, maybe polite or maybe not; but probably an exciting life story. In the industry, Coco Rocha is definitely a model I adore and am inspired by.”

“Urban Outfitters, All Saints, and TopShop are my staples. A black leather jacket is a must and get rid of that distressed T-shirt. My Cambridge Satchel Company bag and Birkenstocks are #MyPrecious!”

“The golden era in fashion was the ’60s. It saw a lot of interesting changes in styles and fabrics, fashion became more approachable for and available to the general public. I love the cat-eye. Edie Sedgwick and Jean Shrimpton are fashion icons of all time!”

“Don’t be a sheep all the time. Suggest that improvement. Do not order that change. Give your all to every job, whether big or small.”

“Modelling is most definitely a lifestyle but you have got to learn how to detach, relax, revive and step back in order to be better and stronger. Drawing, doodling and Netflix keep me going. I volunteer at animal shelters occasionally.”

“Indian models are still sometimes considered exotic and preferred for only a certain type of shoot. Being surrounded by diverse people, from places which were not considered to be the sources of great fashion, is now giving the fashion industry really skilled artistes.”

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