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August 04, 2017

Instagram Poets Who Took Our Hearts By Storm: Beau Taplin

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

“Inspiration starts off nice and warm in the pit of my stomach till it turns into a Molotov cocktail that needs an orifice before it consumes me”

There is something in Beau Taplin’s windswept hair and knowing eyes that mysteriously puts your mind at ease. That’s until he starts spouting poetry that leads you to believe he is reincarnated from a time when the world was a simpler place. The Australian writer’s name has travelled far, from Down Under to the screenshots on our phones, because of his ability to make hearts ache with longing and empathy. With close to five lakh followers on Instagram, you can tell that his words are like a breath of fresh air for people who sometimes need a voice to spell out their emotions for them.

Even so, Taplin didn’t take to poetry like a fish to water. After his original plan of songwriting fell through, it left him feeling burned out for quite some time until he channelled his capabilities into creating little snippets of wisdom for Instagram. He then went on to write his first book, A Boy Without Feathers, followed by The Wild Heart, Playing With Fire, Hunting Season, Buried Light and more recently, Bloom. With followers reacting to his posts with skipped heartbeats or sad smiles, he receives at least 200 comments on each of his social media posts where people laud his understanding of complex sentiments.

Excerpts from our interview:

Humble beginnings
“Growing up, I was never particularly loud or outgoing so I instinctively turned to the written word as a means of expressing myself. From books and songs to movies and the words of people I’ve loved myself, I’ve always been deeply moved by the power of words and their ability to capture what it means to be human and alive.”

Poetic promptings
“Inspiration strikes like a flame of passion in my stomach. It starts off nice and warm, till it turns into a Molotov cocktail that needs an orifice before it consumes me. I usually find relief only when I’ve properly articulated my original thought. That kind of intensity can be a double-edged sword because it means I have a great deal of trouble writing when I’m feeling stagnant or jaded in my own life.”

Writing off challenges
“The most testing part about being a writer is keeping my self-doubt at bay. It’s not easy to feel creative every day, especially when you make a career out of it. I have this tendency to be overly critical of myself, going back and forth for hours as I edit my work. That’s my battle. Some days I win and some days I lose, but I consider myself fortunate to be able to do what I do, so I certainly won’t complain.”

Instagram connect
“I try to read most of the comments and respond when I can. It really moves me how kind and encouraging people can be. I truly feel grateful to have this kind of support in a world where people just rush through their days, living their lives in a blurry transience.”

Soul speech
Temples has been my favourite piece for a while now, not because I think it’s my best writing, but because it rings so true in my own life. Whenever I reach a low point, it helps me remember that things will be alright in time. It brings me to terms with the knowledge that I am a phoenix that rises from its own ashes, more powerful than I was before.”

You can follow him on Instagram at @beautaplin

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