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October 18, 2016

Meet India’s Best Dressed Women

Text and interviews by Saumya Sinha. Realisation by Girish Masand, Shweta Navandar, Anuradha Gandhi and Prateek Patel. Photographs by Sheena Dabholkar

Verve’s annual lineup of the country’s most dapper dressers….

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate the most stylish women who have inspired trends and charted new paths with their original, unabashed sense of dressing. Blurring the boundaries between highbrow and hippie, or turning wardrobe vices into virtues comes naturally to them. Driven by a desire to express their own statements rather than follow the herd, these divas create pivotal shifts in the story of fashion in the country. From designing buildings and painting canvases to constructing clothes and ruling the ramps, they hail from varied fields, resulting in a stimulating mix of creative sensibilities.

They can master grunge, goth and punk in the most formidable way; reinvent a dress with a trim of lace; build an entire closet from vintage memorabilia passed down by their moms; rock a men’s blazer better than any man; and transition from morning to evening with a dab of red lipstick and a sprinkle of rose water. Keeping the grooming armour handy while jet-setting or backpacking, they constantly turn the concept of power dressing on its head. Be it making sari adaptations utterly wearable or altering a designer number to fit their tastes, grace follows freedom for these stylistas. Their clothes are not just on-trend, but form a layer between their inner selves and the world. Even while maintaining individuality, there’s a strong sense of derivation, as they imbue their styles with treasures of the past while they set trends for the future.

From their first encounter with fashion to their most unforgettable faux pas, we take notes as they reveal it all.

(In no particular order)

Adhuna Bhabani
Aishwarya Nair
Allia Al Rufai
Shereen Bharwani
Erika Packard
Summiyya Patni
Rhea Gupte
Mitali Sagar
Pia Pauro
Payal Khandwala
Aparna Badlani
Monica Dogra
Divya Thakur
Anushka Manchanda
Masaba Gupta
Surelee Joseph
Kayaan Contractor
Piya Shivdasani
Mandovi Menon
Nitya Arora
Meghna Bhalla
Sree Banerjee Goswami

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