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October 15, 2009

India’s Best Dressed List: Sonam Kapoor

Text by Shirin Mehta and Sohiny Das. Realisation by Lamya Bhatri. Photographs by Vishesh Verma (Mumbai), Amit Dey (Delhi), Kaustav Saikia (Kolkata), Ramya Reddy and Waseem Khan (Bangalore)

The past year was rough. The dreaded ‘R’ word popped up everywhere. It was the survival of the fittest and the cheapest. Women bought relatively inexpensive items. Lipstick sales were good. Fashion sales were not (at full price); so tabs were slashed. Designers restrategised and redefined haute. Boyfriend chic (borrow his clothes since you have no new ones), vintage (borrow grandma’s for similar reasons) and power shoulders (intimidate at work-place so they do not fire you) rose to prominence. Even couture in Paris offered (hush hush) ‘package deals’ to their loyal customers. Suddenly, apparel was available at almost lipstick prices. What joy… let us buy everything!

Sonam Kapoor
for introducing quirk to the dressing habits of tinsel town

Best known for
Her slightly experimental red carpet style and megawatt smile.

Her style
“I would love to describe myself as Audrey Hepburn with a twist.”

Fashion icons
Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe.

Favourite fashion moment
The white and gold Anamika Khanna sari-gown teamed with polkis for her IIFA Macau red carpet appearance this year.

Favourite labels
Anamika Khanna, Chanel.

Addictive accents
Lots and lots of bags and shoes.

Fashion is…
“…art to me. I like mixing vintage pieces with current ones; I repeat my outfits often, but wear them differently each time around.”

Priya Kishore
for bringing eco consciousness to dressing

Sartorial moment
“An international fashion glossy spotted and snapped me at London Fashion Week earlier this year, calling me ‘punkalicious’.

Fresh finds
“It’s hard not to fall in love with Julio Peralta’s vintage belts – graphic, powerful and feminine.”

Closet staples
“I have the lotus pants by Gheebutter in four colours. I love them because they’re elegant enough for the evening but secretly comfier than track pants!”

Sentimental accessories
“The jewellery I collect from my travels. Each piece has a different memory attached.”

Current pursuits
“Anything to do with water.”

Big passion

Akanksha Nanda

for keeping the ‘waif’ stylish in these ‘curvy sexy’ days

Nature and people.

Style is
“Being comfortable and expressing your individuality.”

Closet favourite
“A yellow silk kaftan by James Ferreira, a ‘painterly’ print dress by Small Shop Jason Anshu, a nude sari by Rabani & Rakha, a vintage gold lamé dress.”

Will never wear

Fashion faux pas
“Black spandex leggings with a slouchy neon sweater. There’s photographic evidence which my best friends have sworn never to show!”

Favourite labels
None. “I enjoy varied expressions, aesthetics and sensibilities.”

Fashion inheritance
Dior sunglasses from her aunt and old Burmese rubies from her grandmother.

Other passions
Art and design, travelling, yoga, food.
Kalyany Chawla
for making corporate dressing über sexy in India

Her style
“Edgy. I like a bit of a twist but I am generally a formal dresser in India. There is a secret travel wardrobe, however, which is far more adventurous!”

Style soulmate
Dior ballerinas. “Good to go with almost any outfit. I live in them.”

Closet favourites
“My endless collection of jeans, which I refuse to throw or recycle.”

Fashion inheritance
Dhakai saris, jewelled hairpins and exotic skin bags from her grandmother.

Personal style no-no
Low necklines.

Underrated item
Quality lingerie.

Favourite labels
Dior, John Galliano, Etro, Alexander McQueen, Derek Lam, internationally. Here, Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Varun Bahl, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Rajesh Pratap Singh….

Other passions
Supporting women in handicrafts and a centre for children’s heart disease in Kolkata.

Style mantra
“Clothes don’t represent you. Your choice of clothing does.”
Prerna Goel
for having the two best accessories ever – rosy cheeks and killer dimples!  

Best known for
Her immaculate freshness – anytime, anywhere.

Her style
Tasteful and minimalist, with just a dash of Bohemian quirk.

Signature silhouette
“I like simple, straight lines, nothing clingy, just an element of freeness.”

Addictive accents
Many, many belts and vintage sunglasses.

Closet favourites
“White chikan lehengas from Abu-Sandeep, a cobalt blue Alessandro Dell’ Acqua dress, a white Chanel dress.”

Hunting hubs
Rome, Milan and Paris.

Shopping philosophy
“I never make a shopping list, nor do I buy impulsively. I’ll see something, keep it in mind if I like it, look around at other things and then return to buy it, if I still want it.”
Shreya Singh
for wearing Indian designers always and to the hilt

Signature style
Eclectic, feminine, mix-and-match.

“From my work and dealing with different people in my line of work.”

Closet peek
Cotton or chiffon dresses by Nachiket Barve and Nalanda Bhandari; black dresses by Namrata Joshipura; dhoti pants by Gheebutter and Small Shop; blue jeans and white tees.

Cringeworthy moment
“When I recently wore a very tight, very short, very revealing dress – it’s a no-no!”

Will not wear
“Any outfit screaming out the brand.”

Sartorial favourites
Bombay Electric, jewellery by Ananya Jewels.

Big passion
Working with slum children, fundraising for charity, fitness, cooking. “I would like to open a restaurant one day.”
Menaka Kumari-Shah
for believing in responsible dressing

Signature style
Uncontrived and non-fussy. “I favour clothes with clean-cut straight lines that offer comfort to complement style. Most of the time I am just a jeans and T-shirt girl.”

“Jewellery, shoes, sunglasses, bags and belts are important but non-flashy and never bling.”

“For formal occasions I wear saris – my grandmother and mother are my inspirations. When it comes to work, it has to be a combination of elegance and efficiency, therefore I am partial to Joseph, Armani and Anne Fontaine.”

Wardrobe peek
“My grandmother’s chanderi sari in the palest of pink with a broad gold border. So light and simple and an engineering feat in terms of weaving. An obi belt in leather which I bought myself and I love – so versatile and such a good look! Black Joseph tuxedo trousers.”

Would not wear
“Fur – I know a few decades ago everyone wore fur and I can’t say I haven’t tried on (out of curiosity) mink and ermine of unbelievable texture and fineness; but it’s just wrong. Today we have evolved and we know better.”

Can’t do without
Yves Saint Laurent and Joseph.

Sartorial inheritance
“An antique black leather evening bag with jewelled clasp and handle, from my mother and her mother before that.”

Big passions
“Reading, visiting museums and galleries, theatre, photography and travel and causes like World Wildlife Fund, PETA and a couple of others.”
Twinkle Khanna
for her slightly intimidating, mysterious and seriously chic persona

Best known for
Her über-sharp red carpet statements.

Style mantra
“Comfort is key.”

Closet staples
Superbly tailored pieces in solid colours, white shirts, blue jeans.

Addictive accents
Envelope clutches, strong but elegant jewellery pieces – mainly, chunky necklaces.

Favourite labels
Spotted in Badgley Mischka many a time.

Surprising fact
Was never keen on acting in films. “I did not enjoy it from day one.”

Big passions
Design, architecture, interior spaces.
Anamika Khanna
for evolving in her dressing each season, with every new collection

Best known for
Her mastery over streamlined layering.

Her style
Rock chic meets desi. A hint of deconstruction mixed with ethnic elements.

Inspired by
Textures of any kind, on any material.

Closet staples
Skinny trousers, white tunics and high, spiky heels.

Addictive accents
Shoes – many, many pairs.

Personal style no-no
Sequinned bling overdose. Bright colours. “I feel the need to tone down colours in my own wardrobe, since I use so much in my designs.”

Style statement
A model frame and long, silky hair.

Colour code
Lots of creams and whites – shirts, T-shirts, ganjis, tunics, kurtas, anything! Muted or antique gold is a firm favourite. Black and grey often make an appearance.

Design icons
Dries Van Noten (“He is God!”), Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto.

Surprising fact
Extremely media shy, bordering on being reclusive, despite her über- successful label, fashion royalty status and international collaborations.

Haseena Jethmalani
for making Boho oh-so-chic!

Signature style
From traditional to contemporary hippie. “Impulsive, since I never know what I am in the mood for 15 minutes before I go out.”

Feels an affinity for
White shirts and linen trousers in all neutral colours.

Prize heirlooms
“My restored saris and old ghaghras.”

New buys
“I don’t have to have anything from the latest collections unless I absolutely love something. I’d rather be stylish than be the woman with the brand new shoes!”

Style inspirations
Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Madonna. “I don’t consider Victoria Beckham inspirational but she is definitely very stylish.”
Karisma Kapoor
for keeping minimalist traditions alive in the face of Bollywood excess

Best known for
Introducing style to Bollywood during the 1990s bad fashion phase.

Trendsetting moment
Poker straight hair and shaped eyebrows in Raja Hindustani. Her new avatar had the nation in an emulating frenzy.

Most remembered for
Her casual, unselfconscious ease in minis. Gorgeous, gorgeous legs!

Most stylish roles
Fiza for minimalism and Zubeida for vintage chic.

Definition of style
“Less is more.”

Favourite labels
YSL, Chanel, Prada, Hermès. Ethnic ensembles by Karishma Trehan.

Fashion obsession
Black and white. Monochrome is a must, off screen.

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and mum Babita.

Her own style is
“Classic chic.”
Simone Singh
for making natural and understated stylish

Signature style
Nuanced and inventive.

Wardrobe favourites
“Currently wide leg trousers as they are so versatile and as always, structured jackets and white shirts in different textures and cuts.”

Sartorial hates
Animal prints with bling embroidery and “anything that transports cleavage from its natural God given place to arrive at the neck.”

Definition of style
“Style is inherent and evolves with the personality. Personal style is reflected not only in dress but in every avenue of creative expression.”

Personal inspiration
“Anyone who transcends a narrow personal agenda and works selflessly for a higher calling, whether it be on environment, children, the elderly or animals.”
Katrina Kaif
for breaking the myth that large boned women cannot look delicately feminine

Best known for
Her porcelain complexion that glows in any colour of clothing.

Her style
Minimalist. “I am a zero accessory person… I would probably buy one handbag a year!”

Mostly seen in
Jeans and flat sandals. Sometimes, short shift dresses. Comfort is key.

Surprising fact
Hates make-up and dislikes doing her hair.

Style is
Presence. “You should be noticed. And then, maybe 20 minutes later, people should notice your clothes.”

Hunting hubs
Carnaby Street boutiques and flea markets in London.
Aparna Roddam
for bringing heart to everyday dressing

Signature style
“It could be eclectic, underground, classic or simple but it is always an extension of how I feel.”

“From adventure, the ability to step out of a comfort zone, fearlessly. From new sensibilities and the confidence to break boundaries.”

Sartorial experiments
Ranging from being a sloth in old jeans, loose shirts and slippers to Bohemian – eclectic harem pants, Thai fisherman  pants or lungis with tees, shift dresses. From power dressing to expressing herself in creations of young designers.

Wardrobe peek
“A fun black wrap-around silk jumpsuit which can be worn in five different ways, wrap jodhpurs from a young French designer, an abstract neo-tribal beaten metal necklace from Bali, my first Anand Kabra – a timeless crushed kurta, an oversized ‘armour’ inspired cuff from Suhani Pittie, lehenga pants from Arjun Saluja, jersey kalamkari harem pants by Rajeevkant and an ivory Marni bag.”

Fashion inheritance
“An antique Nizami uncut emerald and Basra pearl choker and a two tone fuschia/orange kanjeevaram gifted by my mother to me 20 years ago!”

Cringeworthy moment
In an “awful ankle length pair of boots and satin asymmetrical skirt which cut off my legs….”

Passionate about
Taking up causes from animal welfare to teaching, kickboxing, yoga, travelling.
Selena Bijli
for her ability to mix street fashion with haute brands

Signature style
Simple and understated. A mix between high street fashion like Zara, Top Shop, FCUK as well as brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, Cavalli, Rina Dhaka, Rohit Bal and Abu-Sandeep.

Inspired by
“Women from all walks of life whether it is the malishwali who runs her own household due to an alcoholic husband or a daughter-in-law who works her back off and continues to smile.”

Has an affinity to
“The comfort of my Juicy tracks and the luxury of my Jimmy Choos.”

Style secret
“One thing I can’t wear is a sari. It is extremely graceful but a nightmare for me.”

Cringeworthy moment
Snapping the high heels of her Jimmy Choo boots just before entering a very grand hotel lobby in Hong Kong.

Style philosophy
“I think style is governed by how you feel about yourself on a particular day. It is not about the latest trend or a must- have fashion colour. You just need a little ‘oomph’ in your style.”

Big passion
Being at home. “My children and husband see to it that there is never a dull moment!”

Feroze Gujral
for her spirit of adventurous dressing and devil-may-care flair

Signature style
Eclectic classicist. India-modern. Schizophrenic. “I can do man-in-drag to Barbie Doll diva!”

“I am inspired by great design – whether it’s an art piece, painting, sculpture or jewellery. I may see a beautiful painting, say grey with a slash of pink, and rush home to recreate the look. I am also inspired by tribal design.”

Sartorial limitation
“I wear things only once because the press is always there and so I need to be very innovative.”

Wardrobe peek
“Shoes, beautiful underwear, perfume…strange or rare or unusual pieces of jewellery.”

Fashion faux pas
“I bought a very beautiful, very expensive sari from a designer and he had sold the same to someone else. We landed up wearing the sari to the same event!  This is not done. After all, we did not pay ready-to-wear prices.”

Favourite designers
“I am not partial to designers at all. I just love good design, whether it is a beautiful fabric from the road in Africa or a five dollar bag that my daughter gave me or something really expensive.”

Precious inheritance
“The three most important pieces to me are a pendant with the Koran sharif  in a locket, my grandfather’s tiger tooth pendent and a priest ring from Kerala.”

Big passion
“Working with the Gujral Foundation for higher studies in art, fashion and architecture. And, I love my elephants and am trying to set up my own elephant fund.”
Nandita Mahtani
for being the best clotheshorse for her own label

Best known for
Her chiselled features and sun-kissed, honey coloured locks.

Her style
Minimalist, effortless and extremely chic.

Closet staples
Well-constructed shirts and trousers, many pairs of jeans, shift dresses.

Current favourite
A white, semi-deconstructed Alexander Wang shirt. “I love it!”

Addictive accents
Belts of varying materials, widths, colours and textures.

Personal style no-no
Overpowering prints – she is mostly seen in solids. And make-up. “I dislike putting anything on my face. I like my skin to be fresh and breathe
Sanchita Ajjampur
for defining the ‘global, independent, contemporary, haute Indian woman’

Best known for
Her suntanned, chiselled, athletic frame that is the perfect mannequin for almost anything.

Style is
“ ‘…What unites memory or recollection, ideology, sentiment, nostalgia, presentiment, to the way we express all that. It’s not what we say but how we say it that matters’ – Frederico Fellini.”

Closet favourites
A collection of vintage pieces, skinny jeans, patchwork track pants.

Favourite labels
Ossie Clark, Walter Albini, ’80s and ’90s Romeo Gigli and Yohji Yamamoto, now – Alber Elbaz and Consuelo Castiglioni.

Fashion inheritance
A pink cotton brocade moiré Egyptian kaftan with rope embroidery – “A gift from a dear family friend.”

Other passions
Yoga, Muay Thai boxing, travelling “off the beaten track”.
Maithili Ahluwalia
for making legacy a tribute to style

Signature style
“Effortless. Hopefully….”

Ceaseless inspirations
Travel, books, museums, people….

Closet winners
“All my hand-me-downs from my mother and grandmother.”

Mother influence
“She would have me be unconventional and different.”

Feels an affinity to
Yoga and organic food.

Closet spectacular
The Bungalow, Dries Van Noten, Bless, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, American Apparel (basic tees), Balmain.

Sentimental inheritance
“My mother’s ’80s jewellery.”
Rita Dhody
for showing us how to carry off contemporary classic chic

Closet staples
At least 70 white shirts from designers to high street – Dolce & Gabbana, MaxMara, Escada, Fendi, Zara, Sport Max and Moschino. Blue jeans from True Religion, J Brand and Rock Republic.

Important piece
“What is most important is a composite of jackets from Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Together with black dresses from Cavalli, Lanvin, Iceberg and easy dresses from Donna Karan, the shirts and the jeans, it makes for a very workable wardrobe for me.”

Banish from Bollywood
“Most definitely rah-rah skirts and swimsuits with cutaway waists and an idiotic embellished belt on the hip.”

Retail high
Milan, Rome and Paris. “I have just discovered Rome which has a wider range of merchandise than Milan and more localised Italian designers. Paris has a delightful boutique concept that I love.”

Feels an affinity to
Dolce & Gabbana and Lanvin. “And while I don’t wear Indian designers much I do buy Sabyasachi for his timelessness, Anamika Khanna who really understands feminine charm and Manish Malhotra for style and glamour.”

Fashion inheritance
“Instead of clothes, these days I find my daughters in my cupboard. They love what I have bought in the last seven to 10 years and sneak clothes out. My younger daughter Nadine has an eye for pulling things together and it is interesting for me to see what she does with a shirt from Balenciaga and a pair of shorts from Top Shop.”

Fashion tip
“When choosing, if you border on something classic, it goes beyond seasons.”

Big passion
“The time that I spend taking meditative retreats in Ganeshpuri.”
Indrani Dasgupta
for her unique blend of vintage charm with a modern, street edge

Her style
A bit girly, a bit spunky.

Signature look
Side parted curly hair fastened with barrettes – very schoolgirl chic.

Favourite labels
Sabyasachi, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti.

Fashion inheritance
“My mother’s Benarasi saris, which she’s had over 30 years. They don’t make them like that anymore.”

Addictive accents
“I love shoes, shoes, shoes!” Also, chunky, statement jewellery pieces.

Big passion
Reading. Almost always seen with a paperback. “I try to read a book a week.”

Personal mantra
“Be committed to whatever you do.”

Preity Zinta
for taking the side of sartorial chic, against bling

Best known for
Her radiant, cheeky, dimpled smile and high-energy personality.

Wardrobe must-haves
Statement belts, retro shades, high heels and wide-brimmed hats.

Trendsetting moment
Thick, black frames were made fashionable, thanks to her character in Kal Ho Na Ho.

Philanthropic gesture
Taking up the cause of poor children, “Especially girls, and what can be better than giving them proper education, good food and clothing?”

Favourite labels
Claims not to be a label lover, but seen sporting Fendi many a time. Has a soft spot for her New York-based designer friend Nupur’s creations and also Manish Malhotra and Surily Goel.

Feels an affinity to
Footwear and jewellery.
Komal Sood
for looking statuesque in gowns and jeans alike

Little known fact
She was once a Miss India runner-up.

Style is
“An attitude to life.” Varies according to occasions – from sporty chic to elegantly feminine.

Work inspirations
Travel, people, art, history, architecture. “Also museums and eclectic street markets.”

Style inspirations
“The understated elegance of Lanvin, Valentino and Elie Saab.”

Closet favourites
A collection of designer denims.

Would not wear
“Anything that overpowers my personality. So nothing too loud or overly embellished.”

Fashion faux pas
“I wore a Western jacket suit to an Indian wedding function!”

Big passion
Following the Bihar School of Yoga.
Freida Pinto
for turning into a star, muse and fashion figure overnight

Best known for
Her smashing debut as Latika in the Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire.

Talked about style moment
Her appearance at the Oscars in an electric blue John Galliano dress.

Haute hour
Her first front row seat, next to Scarlett Johansson at the Dolce & Gabbana
Fall Winter 2009/10 show at Milan Fashion Week.

Indian idols
Tabu and Konkona Sen Sharma.

Style is
Comfort. “Wearing six-inch heels doesn’t necessarily spell style.”
Ambika Anand
for being the chicest girl-on-the-go on television

Best known for
Her fuss-free dressing and kohl-lined eyes.

Her style
“Cautiously carefree…. A combination of understated and Rococo.”

Fashion inheritance
“My mother’s eye colour.”

Closet favourites
“It changes…at the moment, it’s an Edwardian ruffle jacket by CellDSGN.”

Fashion faux pas
“When I was 21, I cropped my own hair to something like a crew cut…it looked cool, but when it grew…looked hideous!”

Favourite labels
“Many…cannot name all due to lack of space!”

Personal wish-list
“For work – to push myself better than last time. Dress – to have a perfectly sculpted body. Life – to be at peace with myself.”
Sonia Gandhi
for wearing the sari better than any other present Indian politician

Best known for
Her salt and pepper ‘bouffant’ hairstyle.

Mostly seen in
Immaculately starched, crisp, traditional cotton saris and salwar suits.

Closet favourites
An enviable collection of Paithani saris and Pashmina shawls.

Italian tradition
Quality footwear. Underneath those sharp pleats, chic and comfortable leather sandals, peep-toes and pumps elevate her in varying degrees.

Style statement
Kohl eyes. Teaming jackets and coats with saris. Draping the pallu cravat style.

Style staples
Cream pearl ear-studs, worn with everything, everywhere.

Other passions
Art and historic monuments.
Bharti Kher
for bringing stylish intent to the forum of art

Signature style
“Easy. As an artist, you can wear whatever you want. I have worn jeans to a black tie event. I may wear a suit one day or casuals the next or turn up in an Alexander McQueen dress.”

“Eccentricity, strong intellect and wit.”

Feels an affinity to

Fashion and art
“Fashion has always been inspired by art and art never follows ‘fashion’.”

Fashion faux pas
Wearing really high heels to go out dancing.

Favourite designers
Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Manish Arora, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Rajest Pratap Singh.

Fashion inheritance
“All my mum’s old chiffon saris.”

Definition of style
Intention is everything.

Shagun Khanna
for blending modern and vintage with subtlety

Signature look
Glamorous, chic, uncomplicated, playful. Usually built around a statement, often vintage, piece like a brooch, necklace, bracelet or chunky rings and belts.

Has an affinity for
Long flowy dresses for evening, jeans with peasant blouses or plain tees with a colourful, oversized bag for day.

Handbag peek
“I always have my ipod, sunglasses, shawl, BlackBerry, wallet, all stuffed in.”

Key pieces
Distressed skinny jeans from 7 For All Mankind, black off-shoulder cat suit, cropped leather jacket from Jean-Claude Jitrois “which I can never get bored of”, a Bottega Veneta copper snakeskin evening bag, “a present from my best friend, Preity Zinta”.

Favourite designers
Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and recently Giambattista Valli dresses. “I have a fetish for shoes – Christian Louboutins are my all-time favourites.”

Timeless inheritance
A tailor-made diamond and Basra pearl set designed by Cartier and passed down by her great grandmother.
Harathi Reddy-Rebello
for her ability to rediscover her look every season

Fashion philosophy
“Style is a sense of confidence and knowing of oneself. Style is being beautiful inside out.”

Feels an affinity for
“My hats which I am wearing a lot of this season. My black and white Lanvin is my all-time favourite.”

Fashion accessory
“A sense of humour and realisation that we are responsible for our actions towards this planet. Also, my Prada Hobo bag – in which I can literally carry my kitchen sink.”

Wardrobe peek
The coat dress, Liquid jeans, a sequinned jacket that adds ‘rock glam’ to evenings….

Big requirement
“Intelligence. Without which, there is no style.”

Better avoided
Big floral prints, shoulder pads and “anything ill-fitting, which makes me ill.”

Fashion inheritance
Temple jewellery handed down through five generations.

Fashion faux pas
Mixing prints, stripes and too many colours last season.
Malini Ramani
for creating rock star looks fit for an Indian princess

Signature style
Flirty, fun, feminine….

Wardrobe must-have
“Hmm…it really depends. Right now I’m hugely into comfort, so probably a pair of jersey harem pants.”

Accessories alert
“Big aviators and a big smile.”

Design inspiration
“Inspiration appears from so many places – dreams, music, movies, friends, books, nature…my mother. I always start by designing for myself. I would call it a design guideline…and it’s based on how I want to look. I feel if I wouldn’t wear the piece, why should I expect anyone else to wear it. It helps me keep my originality.”

Maternal influence
“Of late, whenever I need an extra dose of inspiration, I raid her closet and find treasures.”

Big passion
“Alternative healing, food, my dogs, travelling. I’m researching for a healing centre that I plan to open in 2010. I’m also designing a furniture line.”

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