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December 26, 2015

Best Dressed 2015: Mahua Moitra

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Additional inputs by Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi. Realisation by Ashima Gupta, Tejal Pandey, Shweta Navandar and Chandni Bahri. Photograph by Rishi Roy

For wearing her style with unabashed elan

Politician; stylista; known for her innovative take on classics and refusal to follow trends; Kolkata.

Signature Style
Classic, no twist.

Current fashion phase
The phase of never going through a phase.

Favourite labels
Rahul Mishra, Anamika Khanna, Burberry and Moschino.

Fashion terminology that is passé
‘It’s what everyone is wearing this season!’

A current trend you sport with a personal take
Don’t really keep up with trends… rather, prefer it if they kept up with me.

A sartorial thumb rule
I never ever wear flats with a sari.

Your favourite dressing-up song
Usually far too rushed to listen to anything while getting dressed!

In your handbag right now
Bobbi Brown eye pencil and Carnation lip colour.

Current lust list
A bright blue and yellow Patan Patola sari that I saw in Ahmedabad last month.

Investment pieces
Saris from Varanasi, Patan and the south of India.

Shopping destination
New York.

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