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October 27, 2017

Indian Labels We Love: Olio By Aashna Singh And Sneha Saksena

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Tenzin Lhagyal

Find pieces that are feminine, playful, colourful, and, most of all, comfortable

Even as they sell pretty dresses, these girls are also working towards building a powerful community. Their blog is a platform where they discuss issues like feminism, body positivity, sustainability and inclusiveness. Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena’s label Olio is ‘contemporary with a touch of whimsy’. “Our pieces are feminine, playful, colourful, and, most of all, comfortable. Additionally, graphical elements, geometric patterns and smart details are key elements of our designs.” they share.

Designing and releasing their attire in story form, 29-year old Aashna and 26-year-old Sneha’s aim is to be dynamic — as they believe that design needs fluidity and space to explore different mediums and languages. Taking into consideration the climate in India, their preferred material naturally is the comfortable and airy cotton. Looking forward to tapping into the demands of the festive season, they are acutely aware that they will face a creative challenge. They state, “Because our aesthetic is primarily minimal and clean, it’s tough to translate that into Indian wear, which is usually very colourful and bling.”

They always take time out to travel, which allows them a break from the madness of daily operations, hence giving them the opportunity to reflect and reset. For Aashna, who has worked in PR, and Sneha, an NIFT Gandhinagar graduate specialising in fashion and lifestyle, the toughest part is finding the balance between designing pieces they love and those that will do well commercially. As a brand that loves to converse, their objective is to take their patrons on a journey.

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