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December 16, 2015

Right Here, Right Now: Kalki Koechlin

Compiled by Shraddha Jahagirdar Saxena. Photographed by Jatin Kampani. Realisation by Riyas Komu, Jatin Kampani and Falguni Kapadia

Verve’s December 2015 cover girl, Kalki Koechlin, chats with us about the things in her life right now…

On my iPod “Many songs, including those by Nina Simone.”

In my fridge “Some dal from two days ago, which I haven’t eaten (my didi is really upset), and some oranges. I think that’s about it.”

In my bag “I have my change of clothes for my rehearsals, my Macbeth script, a notebook, bathrobe, make-up remover, face wash, toothbrush and deodorant. I also have a strapless bra and nude inner wear in case we need it for the shoot and an orange.”

On my black list “Nobody! I have been really lucky enough not to have met anyone who I hate to that degree. I might conceptually hate somebody, like you say what a bad man, but I don’t know anybody in real life to whom I can really say, ‘I wanna slit your throat’.”

In my wallet “Money, because it is the festive season. My best friend’s note from school that lists the ’10 things she loves about me’, a photograph of Anurag’s daughter, Alia, and blessings from mother and Aurobindo, and some bills.”

On my bookshelf “Lots of books. La Dame Blanche (The White Woman). I am also reading a lot of science fiction.”

In my bedroom “I have a painting by Dheeraj Chaudhary, gifted to me by my mum. It’s a very nice clownish kind of painting.”

On my bucket list “I want to learn how to dance. I’d really like to do a play in Hindi – I have been thinking about that for a while; I want to go to Peru, Machu Picchu. I want to learn how to manage things better, balance my time. I have mismanagement issues and my poor managers try to manage my life, but I’m constantly thinking of new things that I want to do. So, I need to learn how to plan my time and prioritise my activities.”

In my beauty bag “I really don’t like wearing make-up when I’m not working. Other people put make-up on me, so I do not have much in my bag. I usually don’t wear a base; I just put on lots of mascara. If I have to wear a base, I have this invisible make-up by Esteé Lauder. I am a fan of Vaseline.”

My New Year resolution “Learning to be on my own.”

Watch Kalki Koechlin become a ‘human canvas’ for our 20th anniversary issue:

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