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September 27, 2017

If You’re Looking To Plan The Wedding Of A Lifetime, Your Search Ends With Punit Jasuja

Text by Simone Louis. Photographs by Nram Pictures

The mastermind behind the buzzworthy wedding bashes of the Jindal family and the royal family of Khimsar is a force to be reckoned with

You have a ring on your finger…now what? Putting together what is supposed to be the biggest day of your life can certainly be overwhelming, unless you have the right person guiding you through it all. Cue, Punit Jasuja. The mastermind behind the buzzworthy wedding bashes of the Jindal family, the royal family of Khimsar, and Trishya Screwvala and Suhail Chandhok’s elegant events, is a force to be reckoned with. Charismatic and witty, he got started in the industry simply because of his sheer love for parties. “I was just really good at hosting, so people began asking me to help them!” he tells me.

His business is the sum of three parts: there’s interiors (designing restaurants, homes, salons and hotels), a decor store called Second Floor Studio in New Delhi (soon to launch in Mumbai too) and event management (they recently created the set for Tarun Tahiliani’s couture show). The combination of these areas of expertise, along with his experience in food and hospitality, makes Jasuja the undisputed wedding master. So, obviously, a bride-to-be like me jumped at the opportunity to speak to the entrepreneur as he travelled between New York, Delhi and Mumbai, during the busiest time of the year.

Avant-garde Ideation
“A good wedding planner is somebody who has an eye for the bigger picture, is good at multitasking, and can handle stress. I’m also constantly keeping up with everything new that’s happening with hotels, restaurants, fashion and lifestyle. It’s important to observe how people are gravitating towards certain spaces and reacting to certain experiences, in order to come up with ideas that will keep things fresh and current.”

Bridal Wave
“The key word these days is ‘natural’. Greens and white are also very in.”

Rollercoaster Ride
“It’s a beautiful thing to constantly be surrounded by love and people who are celebrating such a monumental time in their lives. On the other hand, because it’s such an emotional time, everyone tends to be more sensitive, so it’s important to know how to deal with situations compassionately.”

Cool Progressions
“One of the big changes happening is that brides and grooms are getting much more involved, so the whole process of decision-making, in turn, is evolving. Parents are more conscientious and encouraging about what their children want, and couples want to be as hands-on as possible, which just gives everything so much more character.”

Curious Wishes
“The most interesting request I’ve received is: ‘We want a bar, but we don’t want the bar to be present’. And I said ‘absolutely not’, because if we’re going to serve alcohol to your guests, we can’t be hiding it and making them feel as if they’re doing something wrong. They have to feel welcome, relaxed and like they belong there.”

Avoidable Angst
“Couples need to be careful about letting a single obsession turn into a big deal. For example, you may absolutely love pizza, but it may not be something that would work at your wedding. Nobody is going to care if you don’t serve it, so don’t get caught up in something so insignificant that you forget about what’s really important.”

Expert Insights
“People in Delhi are two bangles away from looking like Christmas trees. Less is always, always more. Practise restraint with decor because people are already dressed up. It’s very easy to just put stuff everywhere, but it’s an art to find a balance and know when to edit. Don’t send a Mahabharata-inspired card and then have a French-style wedding. Make sure there’s some sort of connectivity. Maintain a good relationship with your wedding planner or designer. Meet them in person; don’t just hire someone and say, ‘Do this!’ And, lastly, be realistic about budgets — weddings cost money.”

Unruffled approach
“This career has taught me patience, for sure. Because at times, something may not seem so important to me in the grand scheme of things but, at that very moment, it’s extremely important. Even the smallest of requests has to be treated as top priority, always. That big day is wrapped up in a bubble of emotions, desires and expectations, and that package comes with many more people than just the bride and groom.”

Tailored Tales
“Very often today, you can’t tell the difference between a 50th birthday party and a wedding. The key to the perfect celebration is personality, and I think a bit more attention is being paid to it now. Earlier, people just wanted to be ‘unique’ without really caring about what that meant…just something, anything, to be different from everyone else. But today, it’s about creating something that’s special; a day that is, above all, meaningful to them. Tell people your story.”

Bottom Line
“Plan as much as you want or can, go over every selection and double-check every detail, but when it comes to the final day: let go. I say this to every couple I work with…if you are happy, the family is happy and if the family is happy, so are the guests.”

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