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March 20, 2017

Meet The Duo Behind The House of Pixels

Text by Zaral Shah

Apeksha Maker And Vaishnav Praveen talk about emphasising ‘concept over commercial’ in their photography

Partners-in-crime Apeksha Maker and Vaishnav Praveen have in their short span in the industry worked with the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Payal Khandwala, the Tata Group and The Collective. Their venture, The House Of Pixels, came into being after they realised they complemented each other’s strengths and made up for one another’s weaknesses.

Photography is….
Apeksha Maker: A cure to the phantoms in my head and a path to self-expression. It consumes me and that’s why I enjoy it so much.
Vaishnav Praveen: Narrative.

On muses
AM: Sea animals, beautiful textures, colours and shapes. I love to experiment with different types of forms.
VP: Sonam Kapoor. She is a combination of beauty and versatility.

Colour or monochrome
AM: Monochrome; it adds a certain depth that colour can never emote.
VP: Monochrome. It strikes a balance between shape and form with depth.

On a deserted island
AM: Camera kit, iPod, tripod.
VP: A good pair of shoes, compass and music.

Tabs always open
AM: Pinterest, Netflix, YouTube.
VP: YouTube, online magazines, talent management sites.

A photographer’s paradise
AM: Ladakh, Santorini, Budapest.
VP: Kerala, Kolkata, Hampi.

Work of wonder
AM: Lernert and Sander’s Cubes. They cut 98 different foods into tiny cubes. This image is perfection in every sense. Not only will it be an overwhelming process to try and create what the Dutch duo did, it will also be challenging to make a perfect image better.
VP: The series of images shot by Pablo Bartholomew on the Nagas. I’ve always felt that it could be recreated into a good fashion feature.

Welcome change
AM: We need to experiment more with various mediums.
VP: Photography has evolved so much, and we have forgotten the era of film. I would love to go back to it.

You, in three words
AM: The pixel explorer.
VP: Go-getter, competitive, confident.

New year’s resolution
AM: To build on my personal work and not just restrict myself to what commercial photography demands of me.
VP: To keep myself fit and self-motivated.

On your bucket list
AM: Seeing the Northern Lights, getting a scuba-diving license, and populating my passport with stamps.
VP: Starting to travel, creating a new body of work — maybe a series, learning cinematography.

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