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July 15, 2014

Pigments Of Imagination

Text by Wyanet Vaz. Photograph by Poulomi Dey.

Gallerist Hena Kapadia’s creative vision embraces works coloured with nostalgia, warmth and an Indian connect

Having been surrounded by art all her life, Hena Kapadia is born to the world of hues. The young owner of Tarq Art Gallery says, “My parents and grandparents have collected Indian traditional as well as modern and contemporary art for decades. I was left with no choice, but to follow my heart into this realm.”

Hena believes, “Arty spots are everywhere, all one has to do is look closely.” After majoring in Art History and Economics at Tufts University in Massachusetts, and completing her Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art World Practice at Christie’s Education, London, Hena travelled across borders capturing artistic flavours. And yet her constant source of inspiration, she emphasises, “will always be Indian art. With its eclectic mix of heritage and tradition, it is unparallelled the world over.”  Perhaps her Indian sensibilities explain why she is mostly spotted in bright kolhapuris.

Straying away from structured norms, Hena’s joie de vivre encapsulates Tarq, “I love works that leave me thinking, days after first seeing them. And, in my gallery, I intend to have a space where different voices can be heard – a place where people can drop in for a cup of coffee or just to chat. The essence of Tarq is that it is open to vibrant conversation.”

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