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November 29, 2015

5 Minutes With Afrojack

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Are you the biggest Afrojack fan? Then our quick chat with the EDM star will tell you what he thinks is his most craziest performance, his inspirations, and what he’s hooked on to right now!

As part of the Smirnoff Experience Music Festival 2015, Nick van de Wall popularly known as Afrojack is ready to shake up the city with his sick beats. The two-time Grammy award winner is currently riding on the success of his collaboration with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s Hey Mama. Besides being rated as an iconic name in EDM, did you know that Afrojack’s biggest dream is to appear on The Simpsons, and that he makes really good Mickey Mouse pancakes!

In this 5 minute chat, the unstoppable DJ talks music, collabs, India and more…

When did music happen to you? “At 14 years of age, I began DJ’ing at nearby bars and clubs and acquiring extra wage with outlining sites for kindred artists. With music being my passion, my career just took a kick off from there.”

Do you remember your very first performance? “Of course I do. In 2007, In Your Face, was released as my first recording under the name Afrojack.”

Do you have any rituals before getting up on stage? “To space out!”

Which was your most craziest performance? “It was the one at Sunburn last year! Performing in India is always a fun time.”

Your biggest inspirations are… “Max Martin, Frank Sinatra, Richard Branson.”

A motto you live by… “Perseverance.”

Currently obsessing over… “The Skrillex sound! But more the hip-hop side of it. I started noticing the trap culture and all the hip-hop–trap-dubstep DJs, like Carnage and stuff — it’s starting to get louder and crazier but also better mixed and way better arranged. It has way more breathing room in it. I’m really getting excited about those sounds.”

If you had to collaborate with anyone in India, it would be… “Give me some dope talent and I’m game to collaborate. I know Bollywood’s big in India but I’ve not got a chance to watch any film or hear any music.”

Your most memorable moment… “As an artist you always dream of winning a Grammy. For me, that was when I knew I had truly accomplished something big not only for myself, but for the entire dance music industry.”

Hottest party spots according to you are… “Ibiza, Miami.”

At karaoke you would always pick… “Max Martin.”

Music apps on your phone… “Shazam.”

A song you can play on loop…Ten feet tall.”

In your garage… “Are a lot of gadgets!”

Music is… Life!

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