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May 31, 2018

Get In Line: Turn On The Waterworks With AquaFit

Text by Faye Remedios

If you harbour any notions that an AquaFit class is less effective or not challenging enough, Pooja Arora, Speedo’s master coach, assures you that it is an overall body workout in the pool

This fitness trend requires you to dive into it, quite literally. Pooja Arora, Speedo’s master coach who conducts the AquaFit classes, finds that the best part is how inclusive it is. “It suits absolutely everyone from pregnant and post-natal women to athletes, from beginners to those looking for rehabilitation exercises or suffering from joint pains,” she says. But if you harbour any notions that it is less effective or not challenging enough, Arora will soon set you straight. “A fitness class done in the pool is how I describe my class. Just like land group fitness classes, it is an hour-long session with the only difference being that here the pool is the gym. It is typically a High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) session where I start with a warm up of 10 minutes to get the working muscles ready for the upcoming workout. I go on to give the participants a routine to finish, like a CrossFit routine. Or I could base an entire class on Tabata intervals, or even an hour of core-based exercises. Each day has a new element and a new challenge, keeping boredom at bay,” she says. The biggest advantage of this form of working out is that it is not only easy on the joints but also effective on the muscles — and this is what proved to be the motivating factor for Arora. “Doing HIIT in the pool is great as it is even more effective due to the resistance. Plyometric movements are tough on land as they can lead to injuries but safe in water,” she says. The result is an overall body workout in the pool in which multiple muscles being are worked out together. But you can also focus on a few muscle groups by adding resistance with the help of Speedo dumb-bells or FloatFit, a workout which mixes HIIT and yoga-inspired movements on an AquaBase, a floating exercise mat. For Arora, her ultimate reward is hearing students proclaim that they can never go back to a gym again.

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