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May 28, 2018

Get In Line: Give Your Workout A Flying Start With Aastha Gulati’s BungFly Routine

Text by Faye Remedios. Photograph by Anbu Jawahar

Sculpt your way to an enviable physique with Aastha Gulati’s BungFly classes that are guaranteed to put you through the paces

Those who want their fitness routine to come with a side of thrill should head to dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor Aastha Gulati’s BungFly classes under the initiative Dhurii in Bengaluru. This routine allows you to work out mid-air, making it at once thrilling and effective. The bungee workout requires you to be attached to a harness around the waist that is then suspended from the ceiling using bungee cords. “This new form is a full-body cardio workout with the focus being on building core strength. Initially, the moves are designed to make one comfortable with the bungee and find free movement while working out to energising music. This includes slow warm-ups and stretches on the bungee followed by yoga postures. Then you advance to doing moves like runs, jumps and dives that get your adrenaline rushing. There is so much to gain from this,” enthuses Gulati. The benefits include improving your stamina and balance and aligning and strengthening your spine. “Since it works around the core, it is perfect for your abs, oblique muscles and even quads and hamstrings. This means that with this exercise, you will not only lose inches around your waist but will also tone up the muscles around your torso and legs. You should sign up for this about twice a week for two months before you start seeing a change in your body,” she explains. The real pull for Gulati though, during her training in Amsterdam, was the feeling of freedom she felt while flying off the floor. And if safety is a concern for you, Gulati is quick to reassure. “The harness and interconnecting equipment are primarily drawn from mountain climbing and hence, are very safe,” she vouches.

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