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July 06, 2014

Gaming Inventor: Amir Rao

Text by Kiran C Khanna

Innovative leaders. Inventive actors. Out-of-the box thinkers. Creative minds. These 10 men grab the spotlight…#6: Amir Rao

Boys will be boys and they all love playing games. But what fun it must be to conceptualise and invent your own game! Amir Rao, the boy from San Jose, graduated from Columbia University and initially joined Electronic Arts to work on the Command and Conquer Franchise. In his pursuit to give back to gaming, he set up, with Gavin Simon, Supergiant Games, an American video game development company. Its first game ‘Bastion’ was listed among several ‘Game of the Year’ lists. A‚fter the success of ‘Bastion’, Rao’s ‘Transistor’ is expected in 2014, with a female protagonist. Rao looks like a young Bill Gates with rimmed spectacles and a trademark hoodie, which he sports at almost all appearances.

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