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June 09, 2017

Feisty Achievers: Deepika Kumari

Text by Tina Dastur. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

For her keen eye and steady hand that won her two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and landed her a berth at the 2016 Rio Olympics

All of 23, this young sportswoman has a list of noteworthy achievements to her name. Deepika Kumari’s first steps into the game were at 13, when a cousin introduced her to the sport. Her victories at the 2009 World Archery Youth Championships and the two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 left the world spellbound by the teen’s focus and dexterity.

Hooray moment
The 2010 Commonwealth Games wins because I was so young and everyone was much more senior to me. Everyone was really happy that I had made it to the finals. It was all very new to me. At that time, winning or losing didn’t matter, but intead I was more concerned about how much I was enjoying my game. It’s these little things that I have remembered and will continue to cherish.

Pearls of wisdom
It’s good to know that youngsters are learning from me and are inspired by me. It makes me happy. I would just say that you need to work hard towards your goals, stay focused and be dedicated.

Power of play
I used to be very shy and couldn’t talk to people, but sports gives you the confidence. It makes you feel like you’re different…and after a foray into sports, you are able to mix with people and talk to others with poise, and live life to the fullest.

Life in the limelight
It is nice, but sometimes I wish people wouldn’t be able to recognise me because when you’re in a place where you’d rather not be recognised but you are, it eats into your freedom a little.

Future plans
As of now, the Asian Games, Archery World Cup and Olympics are on my mind. I’m also preparing for the World Archery Championship later this year.

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