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November 23, 2010

The Dreamer

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photograph by Amit Dey

Inspired by an innovative idea, Dinesh Sehgal, MD, Blues Clothing Company Pvt. Ltd., moved away from his family’s well-established business to take the deluxe route. Verve interacts with the man who took a calculated risk to enter the luxury retail space with Italian brands

An entrepreneur at heart, Dinesh Sehgal was driven by an innovative dream. Hailing from the well-established business family of the Sehgal brothers – the largest retailer of books in New Delhi – Dinesh Sehgal, Managing Director, Blues Clothing Company Pvt. Ltd. (formerly The Blues), followed his vision and took the deluxe route. His tryst with Italian brands saw the slow and steady influx of a number of labels like Corneliani, Ferre and Versace. He is now transforming his venture from a mere retail brand to a vertically integrated apparel company. The man, who seamlessly juggles his family time with the demands of his growing company, on his personal space and professional vision…

What prompted the move from books to luxury retail?
It was for expanding my boundaries and giving India what it deserves. Years ago, although the store at South Extension 1 stocked the finest Indian apparel brands, available during those days, it never really excited me and I wanted to give customers something that they would never be able to buy at any of the shops in Delhi.

Were you always fascinated by luxury buys?
Yes, fortunately having been well travelled around the world, luxury was always exciting. I liked using the best available in the market. And I have always thought big, so that has been the reason for me to take the deluxe route.

What is your work mantra?
Even when I am free, I am always thinking of ways to expand and open new ventures.  I like to go with the flow of things and take up challenges.

What would you say your strength as an entrepreneur is?
I am an alumnus from Summerfields School, New Delhi and the Delhi University. My strength has always been in numbers, in accountancy and thus, till date, I make it a point to stay back regularly to check the books of accounts at BCC. I personally invest time in understanding the changing tastes of my customers and manage inventory and stocks on a regular basis as well. It helps me keep my fingers on the pulse of the swiftly changing market. It also helps to keep a track of the world market for that naturally affects India.

What has been your passion since your childhood or youth?
Cars, definitely so. As a child, I was always passionate about cars and had a dream of owning the best of cars. Today, I drive a Mercedes S Class. My first personal luxury buy was an E Class Mercedes. And I have a weakness for fancy cars like Bentley.

What was your last luxury buy?
It was an IWC watch.

How would you describe yourself?
I am easygoing and focused. I enjoy relaxing with my cocker spaniel whom we call Spike. I play snooker to unwind. I am fond of good food and entertaining.

Which is your favourite restaurant?
I enjoy the food cooked at Dum Pukht at ITC Maurya in Delhi.  I love the authenticity of the Indian cuisine and the ambience there.

If you holiday abroad, how and why do you choose your destination?
After entering the luxury business and expanding Blues as a group, I usually go for my holidays with my family to Italy as it has now become a second home to me after getting brands like Versace, Corneliani, Cadini to India. During my trips there I not only get my work done, but also enjoy time with my family. I love going to Goa and its beaches in India and Venice in Italy. Taking a break is always a great way to unwind.

Was entering the luxe market stressful?
No, it’s a pleasure to grow and see it grow.  Whatever little stress is experienced in life, I bust it by catching up with friends.

Your take on the Indian market today.
It’s a young baby, fast growing and has miles to go.

Luxury to you personally would mean?
Style and comfort in one. Living life at home for me is a king’s life. My farmhouse has been designed for my luxury and style. It gives me all the comforts and is very peaceful away from city life.

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