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May 18, 2018

Designers To Watch Out For In 2018: Amrita Marino

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

The 44-year-old illustrator gravitates towards simple design but also likes to incorporate an element of oomph where the images are more iconic than realistic

You could say that the ‘creativity’ fairy took her time knocking on this one’s door because Amrita Marino studied electrical engineering and worked as an IT analyst for over a decade before finally going back to school to secure a second degree in graphic design. As an art director for magazines, she commissioned many illustrators, occasionally creating simple vector-based diagrams or icons herself to grapple with tight deadlines and limited budgets. A few years ago, she embraced her true calling as an illustrator. She listened to hours of podcasts online and scoured many websites to prepare herself before starting out as a freelancer in 2015.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Marino now lives in Brooklyn where she creates artworks that are bold, graphic and colourful. Her recent project The Noise Zine was born out of the realisation that she needed to build a robust social media presence. “I read some online tutorials about how to create a great Instagram profile and made a zine out of it. I will be honest though, I am not a huge fan of social media but I do understand that it’s an occupational hazard,” she cheekily admits.

When she first started illustrating, the 44-year-old’s art was all about details as she wanted to draw in a way that was quite different from her simple approach to graphic design. Over the last year, however, her aesthetic has reverted to its original flamboyance. “I like simple design, but I also like to incorporate an element of oomph where the images are more iconic than realistic.” When she’s not working, she turns her attention to her four retired racing greyhounds which calm her spirit with their gentle nature. She also loves movies and watches one most evenings upon retiring for the day.

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