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May 16, 2018

Designers To Watch Out For In 2018: Aanchal Goel And Sugandh Kumar Of Objectry

Text by Zaral Shah

The ethos of Objectry lies in the combination of skill, materials and the crispness of design

Aanchal Goel’s creatively-inclined parents made sure the design seed was sown early on in life. And while Goel always saw herself as a painter, on exploring her options, product design came closest to what she really could imagine herself doing forever. But Sugandh Kumar’s journey was a little different. “It was accidental, since I applied for design only on the pretext of never having to study again! As a child, I wanted to be a fighter pilot,” he shares. Today, they together spearhead the product design firm, Objectry (furniture, home décor, stationery et al).

From concept to creation, they start by understanding the customer, his or her preferences, and then design to fulfil their needs. On the whole, they strive to enhance the experience and interaction while still restoring a product’s function. The duo elaborates, “Our constant endeavour is for our work to reflect the integrity of the material and form. It carries a degree of purity and authenticity while still being distinctive.” While Goel as a potter prefers working with clay — because she finds that she can control and understand it best — Kumar isn’t biased towards any one material. Taking a lot of their inspiration from minimalistic artists like Sol LeWitt and Ellsworth Kelly, the ethos of their brand Objectry lies in the combination of skill, materials and the crispness of design.

At 28 and 30 respectively, Goel and Kumar have already carved a niche for themselves, and the future looks bright. “We’re trying to direct our focus on producing good-quality design, while being reasonably inexpensive. Currently, we’re working on a line of stationery products,” they share. And when not working, they enjoy watching documentaries and catching up on what other designers and artists are doing.

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