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June 20, 2017

Power Moment 2017: Ruchika Sachdeva

Text by Saumya Sinha

For her minimal aesthetic that created waves….

The founder and creative director of Bodice was one of the first to have created a niche in the Indian market with her minimalistic designs. Taking cues from menswear, Ruchika Sachdeva’s quixotic design sensibility has hit the right chord with the modern dressers and she has influenced a slew of younger designers who have adopted a similar style. The neutral palette and sharp cuts have found a global audience, and have taken her to the world stage with Sachdeva representing India at The International Woolmark Prize 2017.

On the Woolmark nomination
“For the brand, it is a great platform for international exposure. It has motivated me to push my own creative boundaries. It is inspiring me to question my work and look at it from a whole new perspective.”

On what defines the brand
“Being who you are and embracing it is the idea our brand is built on. It is about neither too much nor too little; making wardrobes that women can wear over and over again. The longevity of a garment is of utmost importance.”

Challenges along the way
“When I started as a designer, I was one of the few people pursuing the idea that women don’t have to be dolled up all the time. They could dress differently and still feel beautiful, feminine and confident. It was a little difficult to introduce this, but I truly believed in it and it eventually caught on.”

Word from the wise
“Rei Kawakubo, Celine, Christopher Lemaire and Cosmic Wonder top my list of influencers. I always get drawn to a very authentic point of view. I also share their design ideology, which is all about not being too loud or trying too hard.”

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