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February 14, 2012

Design kid

Text by Dishina Uttamchandani. Photograph by Naveen Dubey.

For geeky Delhite Pushkar Thakur, software engineering was an obvious career choice, but then the world of design beckoned to draw up a new blueprint for success

While at college, he designed a few interesting visiting cards for people and then, out of the blue, the offer to create designs for Rock Street Journal (RSJ) came about. “I’ve not always wanted to be a designer but I just fell in love with it along the way.”

Before he started his firm Grafiosi, the self-taught designer worked with an ad agency to test waters and over a few months, he realised that “it is the designer who creates a brand while the advertisers close the deal. I preferred creating to selling.”

His work has been showcased at select Indian and international art exhibitions. “Every thing, every day, every dream, every person I come across and life itself inspires me. Design is a commercial mechanism. It’s more like solving a puzzle and not just coming up with something beautiful. By the end of a project, I educate my clients to be more design intelligent because it’s a very powerful tool.”

Occasionally, Pushkar indulges in photography while travelling and he does that at every opportunity he gets. “Too much to see and too much to do.” While relaxing, he often illustrates and does installations if there is space to display it. “I love what I do so work just feels like one big holiday!”

Pushkar feels that “Just owning a Mac is not enough, you have to know what to do with your tools. Technology has overtaken our capacity to use creativity to the fullest.”

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