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September 29, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #1: What does it take to date Jacqueline Fernandez?

Text by Wyanet Vaz. Featured image by Rohan Shrestha. Guest stylist: Anand Kabra. Styling Inputs by Nisha Jhangiani. All other images are courtesy of Instagram

“I’ve had a crush on a lot of boys, and usually they were boys who would never date me.” Jacqueline talks boys, dates and wedding designers

As you rush into the festive season, we kick-start our bridal special, ‘Verve Wedding Diaries’, to give you a comprehensive guide on celebrities and their bridal check-lists, go-to designers and meticulously-curated tips and tricks. The first in this series, is a hearty conversation with our September cover girl, Jacqueline Fernandez.

1. Crush history… “My first crush was when I was about 14. I’ve had a crush on a lot of boys, and usually they were boys who would never date me.”

2. Boyfriend wish-list… “I wish he could cook, and I hope he’s funny. I hope that he is as hardworking and as serious about his career as I am. He needs to be athletic, someone who understands health and fitness because I am like that…and we can motivate each other.”

3. Relationship pet peeves… “He should never smell! He should never be rude or derogatory to anyone. He should never make a scene in public and he should have good table manners.”

4. Dream date… “Anywhere in Paris is a dream date. Even the flight there would be so romantic.”

5. Favourite wedding designers… “Elie Saab and Marchesa.”

6. Dream wedding… “In a really remote beautiful vintage church in a scenic Mediterranean European village or mountainside. And lesser the people better it is, because it’s a day when I don’t want to worry about people that I don’t want there.”

7. Relationship advice… “It’s so important to be yourself in the beginning. We always tend to cover and mask, we either try to impress them or get them to date us. But what we don’t realise is that in the end everything gets revealed.”

8. Most over-rated theory… “That opposites attract. I think opposites attract for a little while, but like-minded people tend to stay together.”

9. The hero in your life… “My dad. He taught me a lot by the way he conducted himself. He is extremely generous and always good-natured.”

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