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May 08, 2015

Daddy’s Little Dynamos – Zahabiya Khorakiwala

Text by Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi. Photograph by Tejal Pandey

Verve interacts with corporate czarinas who are ardently nurturing their legacies


Biggest influence
My parents (Nafisa and Habil Khorakiwala).

Moment of truth
Taking up the role of MD and discovering myself at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Vision for the company
To be the most trusted and contemporary hospital chain in the country.

Corporate challenges
It’s not a corporate job for me; it’s very personal. So work always gets taken home. Right now all my energies are focussed on the launch of the New Age Wockhardt Hospital in South Mumbai.

On dealing with seniors who worked with dad
Since there has been a mutual respect, there have never been any problems in working together.

Preferred corporate attire
Western attire and suits.

Aspirational buy
An island in the Caribbean.

Present state of mind
Happy and energetic. My family and fine dining can lift my spirits anytime.

Favourite childhood memory
At JB Petit School, Mumbai, a bunch of us got sneezing powder to school which made the teachers and everyone in class sneeze relentlessly the whole day creating havoc and disrupting that entire day’s classes!

Favourite designer and brands
Salvatore Ferragamo and Banana Republic.

Wardrobe favourite
Diesel Jeans. For work, it is a navy suit with a cream shirt and a line of pearls.

Most expensive jewel
Purely for sentimental value, my wedding ring.

Most luxurious writing instrument owned
A Tiffany pen which was gifted to me for my wedding.

Favourite read
The Economist – Harvard Business Review.

Greatest indulgences
Dark chocolate with nuts. I am crazy about dark Lindor, dark Toblerone and dark Kitkat.

Shopping haven
New York City, with its fabulous eateries and great shopping outlets.

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